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Debating at WUDC 2015: The VDCH-Teams

Debating at WUDC 2015: The VDCH-Teams Yesterday the 35th World University Debating Championships were officially started by the grand Opening Ceremony. The German speaking debating circuit is represented by a strong delegation this year. Seven members of the VDCH – the Association of German Speaking University Debating Societies are comprised of ten teams and ten adjudicators. Debating societies Berlin Debating Union (BDU, Berlin), Debattierclub Goethes Faust Frankfurt (Frankfurt), Debattierclub Kiel, Debattierclub München (Munich), Debattierclub Münster, Wortgefechte Potsdam, Debattierklub Wien (Vienna). [caption id="attachment_25445" align="alignright" width="400"] The Opening Ceremony. © 2014 Matthias Carcasona[/caption] Debate teams BDU A: Philip Schröder, Christina Dexel BDU B: Lilian Seffer, Alexander Hans BDU C: Pegah Maham, Christof Kebschull Frankfurt A: Andreas Dreher, Sven Schuppener Kiel ...
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WUDC Malaysia 2015 begins

WUDC Malaysia 2015 begins It is the most important tournament of the year: From December 27 until January 4, more than 1000 participants will gather in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC). Registration opened at 8 am on Saturday, December 27. The official program will start in the evening at 8 pm with welcoming drinks. Up to this point, registration was smooth with no major problems and short waiting times. For many, the only problem is becoming accustomed to the tropical weather with temperatures between 24-30°C and a humidity of almost 100 percent. The participants are being accomodated in the five-star Pullmann Kuala Lumpur ...
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Deutschsprachige Debattiermeisterschaft in Münster

Deutschsprachige Debattiermeisterschaft in Münster
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Proposals for a fairly, better bidding process

Proposals for a fairly, better bidding processOn August 23 EUDC Council assembled in Manchester. Amongst other things the decisions on who will host Euros in 2014 and 2015 were made, with bids by Durham and Zagreb for EUDC 2014 and a bid by Vienna for EUDC 2015. Zagreb took the win over Durham and will host Euros next year. Vienna’s bid was confirmed, which makes them the hosts for Euros the year after next. Teresa Widlok was present in Council in her capacity as International Officer of the Association of German Speaking University Debating Societies and German delegate to Council. The following article describes her impressions ...
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“Never miss the Budapest Open again”, advises Teresa Widlok

"Never miss the Budapest Open again", advises Teresa WidlokTeresa Widlok participated for the second time in the Budapest Open and would like to see more German Teams there the next time. Read her report, that will hopefully create a desire to go there. Whoever said that sequels are always worse than the original was obviously wrong! The second edition of the BP Open, held in Budapest from 1st to 4th March 2013, was an outstandingly well organized tournament which in many ways even superseded its predecessor. You can spot a very comfortable feature about the BP Open right when you look at the timetable: the tournament starts at a Friday with only ...
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Debaters – prepare for Malaysia: WUDC Council decides on host of WUDC 2015

Debaters - prepare for Malaysia: WUDC Council decides on host of WUDC 2015This year’s World Universities Debating Council decided for Malaysia to host the World Universities Debating Championships 2015. After Chennai in 2014, debaters will fly to Southeast Asia in order to experience world class debating. The decision of the council in which all nations are represented that attended WUDC for two consecutive was close: the second bid from Auckland, New Zealand, got 42 votes while Malaysia got 57 votes. The arguments for Malaysia were mostly that it is more accessible for most participants and the registration fee would be significantly cheaper. Teresa Widlok, representative of the German WUDC delegation, tells us that despite ...
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When again will you be able to help out at such a big project? – Teresa Widlok talks about managing the participant affairs at WUDC.

We all know it out of our own tournament experience: waiting to get the desired slots, the first information about the schedule, and the innate hope that the OrgComm does not forget about all the requests you had. Whatever happened at a small tournament, will also apply to the World Debating Championships. The sub-department ‘participant affairs’ will ensure that all participants feel well informed and taken care of so that they can travel to Berlin with no worries beforehand. Christian Landrock talked to Teresa Widlok, one of the divisional heads in charge of registration issues. Teresa has been debating for the ...
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Westfalen meets Osteuropa – Das Budapest Open 2012

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New vice president in Münster

Changes on the executive board of Debattierclub Münster: Teresa Widlok just replaced Gerrit Gottschalk as vice president of the debating society. She is now working with president Aris Miro Marinello and Philipp Schmidtke who have already been elected in summer. Good luck!
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Debating is no witchery

A workshop on BPS was the reason why debaters from all over Germany assembled in Mainz where Marcus Ewald and Lukas Haffert coached participants on how to make an economy argument out of any motion. In exercises such as switch debate and oppy proppy debaters learned a lot, Teresa Widlok summed up the past weekend. Read more on this in her report in German.
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Galway Euros 2011: Facts and Figures

Since we guess that our appreciated readers follow us on Twitter your head will most probably be replete with impressions from Galway Euros. But what are the facts and figures about the European Universities Debating Championships (EUDC or Euros)? Or maybe you have been there yourself and want to sort things out now? Your Achte Minute team provides you with all you might want to know - and even beyond. By the way, you still might wanna follow the Hashtag #EUDC on Twitter - you'll find funny stories and how everybody copes with the ...
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Galway Euros 2011: The German language teams

Achtung, the Germans! The teams from the German speaking regions make up one of the largest groups here at Galway Euros, the European Universities Debating Championships (EUDC and Euros) held in Ireland this year. 17 teams from Germany and Austria are competing for the title at the western coast of the Emerald Isle. To make sure you keep your fingers crossed for the right teams, we are presenting you with the names: ...
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Münster Santa Claus Tournament starts

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Show debate in Munster

“Elternalarm – Parents coming!” was the slogan in Münster in late October: Students’ parents were welcome to discover Münster – and the Debattierclub Münster was part of this. Various events were arranged at all Münster universities and colleges. The debating society presented themselves to the mothers, fathers and siblings with an abbreviated format: Two speakers on each side – pro and con – held their respective four minute speech to convince the audience. The motion read: “Credit points for going to the theater – How much culture can students bear?” One credit point should be achieved by visiting the cultural events ...
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Münster Santa Claus Tournament

Christmas cookies and debating: The Debattierclub Münster offers both with their Santa Claus tournament. Saturday, 4 December, will see twelve teams competing. The tournament will be held in British Parliamentary Style (BPS) and comprises three pre-rounds and break into final. The former president of Debattierclub Münster, Katharina Röhm, is going to join Thore Wojke, former president of Debattierclub Johannes Gutenberg Mainz, on the CA team. A third CA will be announced, Teresa Widlok from DC Münster reports. Costs for the tournament will be 5 Euros per capita. The first round will start at 9 p.m. Crash is available. Registration is open ...
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New executive board in Münster

The Debating Society in Münster has elected a new executive board. Oliver Knüpfer is now president, Gerrit Gottschalk and Teresa Widlok his deputies.
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ZEIT DEBATTE Münster 2012

Facts: May 11 to 13, 2012 Münster BPS Chief adjudicators: Clemens Lechner, Dessislava Kirova, Lukas Haffert The ZEIT DEBATTEN series is convened by VDCH in cooperation with the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and Deutsche Telekom, supported through VDCH’s media partner ZDF, a German public broadcaster. It has been a decade now since the first ZEIT DEBATTEN series kicked off with at least five annual tournaments, among them the German debating championship. This is now season eleven which comprises four regular tournaments and the German language debating championship. The series is nested under the ...
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