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Harvard CH wins the Yale IV 2018

Harvard CH wins the Yale IV 2018 The Yale IV 2018 was won by Harvard CH (John Hunt and Sophia Caldera) from Opening Government. They debated the final on the motion "This House would legalize and train sex workers specifically to work with disabled people" against Brown GG (Jack Gramlich, Sandy Greenberg) in Closing Opposition, Harvard BrMe (Ed Bracey, Dasha Metropolitansky) in Closing Government, and Princeton AO (Samuel Arnesen, Sinan Ozbay) in Opening Opposition. The final was chaired by Michael Mao with Bobbi Leet, Charlie Barton, Daniel Berman, Lorenzo Pinasco. The Novice Final of the tournament was won by  Princeton JW (Daniel Ju, Greg Weaving) in Opening Government, on the motion "This House believes that the horrors of history are incompatible with a belief in ...
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Debating in Yale – Philipp Stiel between public and competitive debating

Debating in Yale – Philipp Stiel between public and competitive debatingWhen I started my year abroad at the US-American East coast I was really thrilled by the idea that Yale, my new alma mater to be, hosted one of the best debating societies in the world. I dreamt away, driven by my winning the German debating championship in Münster: exciting debates with great guest speakers and members of various secret societies in dreary vaults. I was quickly disappointed when I realized it was not that easy to get a mere impression of how debating is carried out on campus. Two reasons for being disappointed: Firstly, I was not granted admission into ...
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