Harvard CH wins the Yale IV 2018

Datum: Nov 9th, 2018
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The Yale IV 2018 was won by Harvard CH (John Hunt and Sophia Caldera) from Opening Government. They debated the final on the motion “This House would legalize and train sex workers specifically to work with disabled people” against Brown GG (Jack Gramlich, Sandy Greenberg) in Closing Opposition, Harvard BrMe (Ed Bracey, Dasha Metropolitansky) in Closing Government, and Princeton AO (Samuel Arnesen, Sinan Ozbay) in Opening Opposition.

The final was chaired by Michael Mao with Bobbi Leet, Charlie Barton, Daniel Berman, Lorenzo Pinasco.

The Novice Final of the tournament was won by  Princeton JW (Daniel Ju, Greg Weaving) in Opening Government, on the motion “This House believes that the horrors of history are incompatible with a belief in a Judeo-Christian God” against the teams Harvard HQ (Delaney Hurely, Justin Qi) in Opening Opposition, Stanford WY (Daniel Wu, Daniel Yang) in Closing Opposition, and USC BR (Alex Balasky, Philipp Reutter) in Closing Government. The round was chaired by William Arnesen with David Edimo, Ellie Singer, Jack Kelly, and Trent Kannegieter in the panel.

The best speaker with an average of 81.33 was Tejal Petwardhan from Harvard DP.
The best novice speaker was Dasha Metropolitansky from Harvard BrMe.

The CA team consisted out of Danny DeBois, Bobbi Leet, Evan Lynyak, and Marina Tan.

The tournament was organized by the Yale Debate Association and convened by William Arnesen. Chuan-Zheng Lee was in tab.

The Break:
1. Harvard DP (Tejal Patwardhan, Aditya Dharon 17 points
2. Princeton AO (Samuel Arnesen, Sinan Ozbayon 16 points
3. Harvard BhMi (Hemanth Bharatha Chakravarthy, Ella Michaels) on 15 points
4. Brown GG (Jack Gramlich, Sandy Greenberg)
5. Harvard BrMe (Ed Bracey, Dasha Metropolitansky) on 14 points
6. Harvard CH (John Hunt, Sophia Caldera)
7. Cornell LR (Denny Lee & Aniroodh Ravikumar)
8. CUNY/Duke FK (Matthew Feng, Ben Kessler)
9. Harvard HY (Ye Joo Han, Andrew Yun)
10. Cornell KW (Emma Rose Wirshing, Jin Mo Koo) on 13 points
11. Columbia GS (Rahul Gosain, Aaron Schaffer-Neitz)
12. Northeastern MS (Ben Muschol, Will Smith)
13. Tufts Dสั (Charming Dube, สันติภาพ สมศักดิ์)
14. Stanford LS (Jason Lee, Srijon Srijon)
15. Stanford AS (Ben Anderson, Jasmine Sun)
16. Boston PW (Teddy Wyman, Jasper Primack)

The Judge Break:
Alasdair Donovan, Alex Mechanick, Archie Hall, Arun Sharma, Bobbi Leet, Carson Crane, Charlie Barton, Chuan-Zheng Lee, Clarence Bronte, Da’Von Boyd, Dalton Boyt, Daniel Berman, Danny DeBois, David Edimo, David Register, Deena Mousa, Ella Fanger, Ellie Singer, Elora Sheres, Eva Quinones, Fanele Mashwama, Jack Kelly, Johanna Richter, John Camara, Josiah Peterson, Karina Franke, Ko Lyn Cheang, Lorenzo Pinasco, Mars He, Megan Wilson, Michael Mao, Miles Saffran, Nick Cathcart, Shreeya Singh, Shruti Baxi, Sophie Large, Trent Kannegieter, William Arnesen, Xavier Sottile, redacted.

The Motions:

Round 1: This House would remove quarterly reporting requirements for publicly traded companies

Round 2: Info Slide: Respectability politics or the politics or respectability refers to attempts by marginalized groups to police their own members and show their social values as being continuous and compatible with mainstream values rather challenging the mainstream for what they see as its failure to accept difference

This House believes that prominent institutions in marginalized communities (churches, schools, community centres, etc.) should practice the politics of respectability

Round 3: This House supports the US’s use of economic warfare (tariffs, targeted sanctions, etc.) against China in order to force compliance with the rules of the global neoliberal economic order (opening up its economy, protecting intellectual property, not engaging in currency manipulation, etc.)

Round 4: This House would remove all health restrictions for prospective adoptive parents

Round 5: Info Slide: Sovereign debt disputes are disputes between creditors (e.g. institutional investors, hedge funds etc.) and the governments they lend money to. They typically arise over interpretation of repayment terms and in instances of debt restructuring.

This House believes that developing countries should never commit to having their sovereign debt disputes settled by courts in foreign countries

Round 6:  In countries with vigorously contested campaign contribution regulations, this House believes that the political left should not contest the premise that money is speech and should, instead, contest how that speech is regulated

Quarter-Final: In a plurality of cases, this House believes that the “me too” movement should, on balance, prioritize a path towards redemption over retribution

Semi-Final: In legal systems where constitutional courts practice judicial review, this House would apply the “no precedential effect rule” to judgments by single judge margins

Novice Final: This House believes that the horrors of history are incompatible with a belief in a Judeo-Christian God

Final: This House would legalize and train sex workers specifically to work with disabled people

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