Achte Minute sports a new logo and a new co-publisher

Datum: Jul 6th, 2010
Category: DDG, VDCH

You can see the change in our website’s header already: Achte Minute has a new logo and a new (though old) co-publisher.

The new logo has already adorned Achte Minute’s Twitter and Facebook sites, to great acclaim. Now the new logo, designed by Verena Gräf of Debattierclub Kikero Bozen, is also present on Achte Minute’s main site. Verena, 23, is currently in the finishing strechtes to complete her Bachelor of Arts in design studies at the University Bozen. Achte Minute would like thank Verena for her work and dedication!

Starting in June, Achte Minute is published again by two publishers. Besides the Verband der Debattierclubs an Hochschulen (VDCH, Association of Debate Clubs at Universities), which established Achte Minute in its current incarnation, Deutsche Debattiergesellschaft (DDG, the German-language Debating Alumni Association) is once again on board for Achte Minute. The new website header represents both VDCH and DDG through their logos.

Also new in the header is Zweites Deutsche Fernsehen (ZDF, Second German Television, Germany’s second public TV broadcasting station), which has been VDCH’s media partner since May. Of course, the logo of DIE ZEIT, which has substantially supported German-language debating for almost a decade, is still part of this website.

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2 Kommentare zu “Achte Minute sports a new logo and a new co-publisher”

  1. Verena Gräf says:

    Danke an euch 🙂

  2. Was genau heißt das nun, dass die DDG Co-Herausgeberin ist? Was wurde da unterzeichnet?

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