EUDC 2010 Pickings 2

Datum: Aug 4th, 2010
Category: Presseschau, Turniere

Photos and reports of the EUDC 2010 – here you get the links and insights into the tournament!

Plenty of people took even more plenty photos during the EUDC. A link to the EUDC 2010 – photos of Mite Kuzevski (IDEA) can be found here – there exist many many more for sure. (Just have a look at the photos of your circle of debate friends on Facebook.)

Lukas Haffert’s “Ironmanning” in the first round of the tournament (about which there is an interview with him on Achte Minute) is the main topic of the EUDC-report of the daily newspaper of St. Gallen (St. Galler Tagblatt, Switzerland). It says:

“Lukas Haffert is part of the Opposition and now analyses the Government. His main sorrows are not the opponents and their arguments, though, but his team partner Viola Lutz. The train chaos in Germany caused her being half a day late, which is why Haffert has to defend the EU on his own. In the end he even wins the debate. But unfortunately the points he gained are not considered: The rules requires  two team partners.”

An overview of Dutch press reporting can be found on the oficial EUDC website.

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