Cork IV 2010

Datum: Sep 7th, 2010
Category: Termine, Turniere

The Cork IV 2010 returns on the 3rd and 4th of December 2010. This is going to be the last Irish IV before the Worlds – a good chance to practice in preparation for Botswana! The UCC Philosophy Society offers five preliminary rounds, seven-minute speeches and breaks to finals. Fees for the tournament are 75 Euros per team, no fees for judges. Participation includes free drinks, Christmas dinner, breakfast, karaoke, after-parties in some of the top venues Cork has to offer and crash for international students, the conveners promise. Chief adjudicators are James Dray, winner of Cork Worlds 2009 and Ross Frenett, top speaker on the tab of the Cork IV 2009. Registration opens the 21st of September, therefore send an email to iv[at] For more details go to the Cork IV’s website.

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