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Cambridge wins the Cork IV

Cambridge wins the Cork IV[caption id="attachment_33123" align="alignright" width="225"] The Winners of the Cork IV 2017 bringing the christmas cheer - © Matt Hazell[/caption] Cambridge (Alasdair Donovan and Matt Hazell) won the Cork IV 2017 from Closing Government on the motion From behind a veil of ignorance, THW rather be born in the City of Omelas than a city in this world where you would have an average standard of life (eg: London, Dublin, Amsterdam, etc). They won over TCD Hist SD (Daniel Gilligan and Sam Browne) in Opening Government, TCD RR (Ronan Daly and Rory O'Sullivan) ind Opening Opposition and TCD Phil B (Eoin O' Gorman and Christopher Costigan) in Closing Opposition. The final was chaired ...
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Comparison of the bids for EUDC 2016

Comparison of the bids for EUDC 2016At the European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) in Zagreb, the EUDC council will meet to decide who will host the EUDC in 2016. A couple of weeks ago, the University of Cork announced their bid for the EUDC 2016. Now there is a second bid: The University of Warsaw Debate Society has joined the ranks of the applicants to host the prestigious tournament. Marcus Ewald, former President of the EUDC council, asked both bidding societies to provide information to enable debaters to compare the bids. The full information gathered is compiled in a Google Doc. As a caveat, Marcus notes that ...
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Wo der Bär steppt – Manuel Adams über das Berlin Humboldt IV 2011

Wo der Bär steppt – Manuel Adams über das Berlin Humboldt IV 2011 Mixing cocktails, strolling through Berlin, the German women football team losing to Japan, prospective Worlds and Euros convenors beating each other in distributing their giveaways ... All that and much more is the Berlin IV. Find here the motions, the break to (semi-)finals and the tab! And read the German version of this article to learn more about how Manuel Adams saw the Berlin IV or what it is called these days. The motions: [caption id="attachment_10365" align="alignright" width="226" caption="Convenor Dessislava Kirova talking to a participant of the Berlin IV.  (Picture: Manuel Adams)"][/caption] 1. Vorrunde: This house would financially incentivise parents to have two ...
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How do you reach the grand final of the Cork IV as an ESL speaker?

It’s fairly simple: Either you have a “boss” partner like Richard Robinson or you are from Leiden. In the latter case you can even win it as Ali Al Khatib and Rob Honig did from 2nd proposition against teams from Cambridge (1st proposition, Doug Cochran and Maria English), University College Dublin Law (1st opposition Christine Simpson and Mark Haughton) and Manchester (2nd opposition, Richard Robinson and Niels Schröter) on the motion “This house believes that Irish sovereignty can never be truly realized.” Due to their outstanding performance during the tournament as a whole I asked the two Dutch a question that ...
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Berlin presents Worlds bid

The Berlin Debating Union (BDU) has made a decision: They want to bring the Worlds to Germany! On Saturday, Patrick Ehmann, John Eltringham and Cloud Ramasendaran are going to present their bid for convening the World Universities Debating Championships at the Oxford IV. The support of VDCH, the Association of Debating Societies at Universities, facilitated the decision of Berlin Debating Union: “Only because we know we have the German debating circuit to support us we dare to do this,” BDU president Patrick admits. He is even more delighted to have other German debaters at the Oxford IV to back BDU’s presentation ...
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Cork IV 2010

The Cork IV 2010 returns on the 3rd and 4th of December 2010. This is going to be the last Irish IV before the Worlds – a good chance to practice in preparation for Botswana! The UCC Philosophy Society offers five preliminary rounds, seven-minute speeches and breaks to finals. Fees for the tournament are 75 Euros per team, no fees for judges. Participation includes free drinks, Christmas dinner, breakfast, karaoke, after-parties in some of the top venues Cork has to offer and crash for international students, the conveners promise. Chief adjudicators are James Dray, winner of Cork Worlds 2009 and ...
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Irish cheer for Germany – Pubs and Football at Cork Open 2010

Cork lies in South Ireland, where the country is green, the people are drunk and the beer does not foam. At least that is the chliché. The truth, of course, is different: There is foaming beer - and even drunk you may experience great debates in Cork! Twenty teams, most of them from Ireland and Great Britain, prepared for Euros on June 25 and 26 in Cork. Ross McGuire was Chief Adjudicator, just as he will be in Amsterdam for Euros. Team "Magic Dripping Walls" (Eoghan Casey and Paddy Rooney from Dublin) persuaded adjudicators and audience the most and won the ...
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Cork Open 2010

Cork Open 2010Die UCC Philosophical Society  veranstaltet das Cork Open 2010. Es wird von 25. bis 26. Juni im irischen Cork ausgetragen und bietet nur zwei Wochen vor den Europameisterschaften (EUDC) die Möglichkeit, unter Turnierbedingungen zu trainieren: 40 Zweierteams messen sich in englischer Sprache und im Format BPS miteinander. Chefjuror ist Ross McGuire, der dieses Amt auch bei den EUDC 2010 innehat. Die Teilnahme kostet 45 Euro pro Team, anmelden kann man sich ab Montag, 15. März, via E-Mail an corkopen[at]
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