Jaywalking – Kick-off event in Berlin

Datum: Oct 27th, 2010
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Tuesday, 26th November, the Berlin Debating Union (BDU) opened the new debating semester with the motion “This House would jaywalk“. About 60 guests were curious about the topic and were able to join an exciting debate about the borders of citizens duties.

On the side of the Government, Julian Ohm (finalist North-German Championships 2010), Jonas Werner (German Champion 2009) and Johannes Häger (semi-finalist SOAS IV 2010) were stating that a responsible handling of governmental rules also implies to trespass them in particular cases. Only in this way can a healthy relationship to the governmental power be created and the citizens are able to revolt against the state in case of emergency. On the side of the Opposition were Annette Kirste (finalist Madgeburg punk tournament 2010), Georg Sommerfeld (semi-finalist SOAS 2010) and Hauke Blume (German Champion 2009). They pleaded for the abidance by the laws because they are the summary of a democratic consensus and only this ensures a peaceful co-existence without anarchy.

Patrick Ehmann, president of the BDU, has hosted the evening. After the debate, with beer and wine, interested persons could learn more about debating. For the first time the BDU designed a brochure for novices with eight pages, which introduces the BDU, debating in general and upcoming events. On 2nd November the traditional BDU seminar for novices begins. The venue is Tuesdays, 7 pm in the entrance area of the seminar building in Dorotheenstraße 24.

Special thanks go to the ZEIT, which supported the evening.

Patrick Ehmann / vro / glx

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