Kick-off of 10th ZEIT DEBATTEN series in Greifswald

Datum: Oct 29th, 2010
Category: Turniere, VDCH

The new ZEIT DEBATTEN series begins! This weekend, speakers and judges from Vienna, Munich, Mainz, Frankfurt and other cities in VDCH-land flock at Greifswald by the Baltic Sea. Language of the tournament, as in the whole series, is German, the ZEIT DEBATTE Greifswald will be held in British Parliamentary Style (BPS). Chief adjudicators are Isabelle Loewe (ESL European Champion 2006), Michael Saliba from Stuttgart, David Lamouroux from Göttingen and Sarah Jaglitz from Greifswald.

The ZEIT DEBATTEN series is convened by VDCH in cooperation with the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and Deutsche Telekom, supported through VDCH’s media partner ZDF, a German public broadcaster. It has been a decade now since the first ZEIT DEBATTEN series kicked off with at least five annual tournaments, among them the German debating championship. The series is nested under the honorary patronage of the former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

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