Halle enters Top Ten: VDCH hall of fame after the first competition in 10th ZEIT DEBATTEN season

Datum: Nov 1st, 2010
Category: Turniere, VDCH

Halle for the first time enters the Top Ten in the VDCH hall of fame, and now draws with Bonn. Munich and Greifswald are victims of Halle’s victory in Greifswald and lose a few places. A new entry on the list is Bremen (Hanse Debating Union, HDU). Jena underscores its position as one of Germany’s top clubs, and Mainz was able to secure a point this last weekend, although this was in debating, not in football. This was an awaited recovery, after Mainz had disappointed during the German Championships in June. The top seated Berlin Debating Union did not win any additional points.

Here’s the new table after the first competition of the ZEIT DEBATTEN 10th season:

Rank Club Points
1 Berlin 51
2 Mainz 44 (+1)
3 Münster 42
4 Tübingen 36
5 Heidelberg Debating 28
6 Jena 26 (+1)
7 Freiburg 14
7 Göttingen 14
9 Bonn 13
9 (+3) Halle 13 (+3)
11 (-1) München 12
12 (-1) Greifswald 11
13 Kiel 6
13 Magdeburg 6
13 St. Gallen 6
13 Köln Tilbury 6
17 Potsdam 4
18 Bielefeld 3
18 Bremen (JUB) 3
18 Hamburg 3
21 Passau 2
21 Leipzig 2
21 Frankfurt/Main 2
24 Marburg 1
24 Stuttgart 1
24 Bremen (HDU) NEW! 1 (+1)
The VDCH hall of fame features the results of all ZEIT DEBATTEN since 2001 and the German Championships 2001, which was held before the establishment of the ZEIT DEBATTEN.  Also, the regional championships of 2010, which were held outside of the ZEIT DEBATTEN framework, have been included due to a decision by the VDCH assembly. Every participation in a final gains one point for a club, a win gains three points. Final participations at the German Championships gain two points, the victory gains five points.

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  1. ahhh, Mainz kommt wieder näher… 😉

  2. Chris K. says:

    Da sind aber die DDM-Punkte eingerechnet, oder?

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