WUDC Champion Monash B: “One debate at a time”

Datum: Jan 4th, 2013
Category: International

James Beavis and Nita Rao with our reporter Anna Mattes (c) WUDC pretty pictures

James Beavis and Nita Rao with our reporter Anna Mattes (c) WUDC pretty pictures

This morning, right after the open semi finals of WUDC, Achte Minute spoke to Nita Rao and James Beavis from the team Monash B from Australia. Tonight it turns out we picked the right team and actually talked to the new world champions. In total, four Australian teams made it through to the open semi finals.

Achte Minute: You just finished your debate. How did it go? Were you nervous?
Nita: We were really nervous. The topic was really hard. I’m not an economist, but fortunately Beavis is, so it went quite well. (remark: the motion was “THBT the WTO should never allow nations to place export restrictions on food, rare-earth metals, and other non-oil commodities”.)
James: I think, you are overestimating the motion. My big advantage was that I’m a little bit of a nerd in one respect: I like magnets.

Achte Minute: How did you prepare for the tournament?
James: We did some preparation tournaments together.
Nita: One of them went really badly. That was a wake-up-call for us and we trained really hard after that. We had a great personal trainer who challenged and supported us at the same time. Actually, would you mind writing that? “Thank you, Gemma, you did really great work!”

Achte Minute: What will you do if you win the competition?
James: (laughs) We haven’t thought about that yet.
Nita: Our slogan is: One debate at a time.

Achte Minute: Do you two have a debating idol?
Nita: No, I don’t think so. My boyfriend won the World Universities Debating Championship last year. He was very encouraging.
James: For me, it’s the same. Some debaters I find inspiring, but I don’t have an idol, like a politician or a public figure. I think, the best role models are people who try to share their talents.

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  1. Jörn(Bremen) says:

    Herrlich, ein Interview wie es besser nach einem Fußballspiel nicht hätte geführt werden können. (“Unser Motto: Wir denken nur von Spiel zu Spiel.”) Wichtigste Erkenntnis: Beide Teampartner teilen sich einen Freund als Partner, nicht als Vorbild. 😉

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