Call for Feedback on DCA Applicants for Malaysia Worlds 2015

Datum: Nov 5th, 2013
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Shafiq Bazari and Jonathan Leader Maynard (Chief Adjudicators, Malaysia Worlds 2015) are pleased to announce that fourteen people have applied to be considered for the position of Deputy Chief Adjudicator at Malaysia Worlds 2015. Among the candidates is our very own Dessislava Kirova from Berlin (ESL-Finalist at Manila Worlds, DCA at Manchester Euros and senior member of the OrgComm of Berlin Worlds).

The Americas: Sarah Balakrishnan, Brett Frazer, Paul Gross, Buzz Klinger, Romeo Maione, Arlán A. Narváez-Vaz R.
Middle East/Africa: Engin Arikan, Ngcwele Khumalo , Paidamwoyo Mangondo
Australasis: Paul Karp, Madeline Jennifer Schultz, Sebastian Templeton
Continental Europe: Dessislava Kirova, Danique van Koppenhagen

The Chief Adjudicators are now asking the world debating community to submit feedback, regarding the suitability of these candidates for the position of WUDC Deputy Chief Adjudicator.

WUDC Malaysia LogoTo make their selections effectively, they need the help of the world debating community to gather as much meaningful feedback as possible. As such, they wish to encourage all who may have useful feedback to send it to them at adjcore [at] malaysiaworlds2015 [dot] com. Shafiq and  Jonathan substantiate: “Feedback should be fair-minded, and relevant: informing us of candidates abilities to fulfill the role of DCA with excellence. Ideally feedback should make reference to the abilities referred to in our original call for applications, namely: organizational ability, motion-setting, debate adjudication, knowledge of and ability to bring judges from their debating circuit to worlds and skills at supporting debating development.”

To feedback Dessislava or other candidates there is no form for feedback. They only ask you so your comments with the subject heading ‘Feedback’ to adjcore [at] malaysiaworlds2015 [dot] com. Please ensure that it is abundantly clear which of the candidates you are offering individual pieces of feedback on. All feedback will be treated as strictly confidential – only we, as the tournament’s chief adjudicators, will ever read it.

Since there is another strong competitor with Danique van Koppenhagen from The Netherland, it will propably be a narrow race. The CAs already stated, that there will be only one DCA from Europe. They may, however in addition, appoint as an additional DCA the individual submitting the strongest application they receive who is not selected via slots 1-4, regardless of their regional background.

This is why your feedback is needed. The deadline for feedback is 11.59pm, 30th November. The selection will be announced on and the Malaysia Worlds facebook page, in the first week of December.

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