WUDC Malaysia 2015: Call for Applications for Deputy Chief Adjudicators

Datum: 21. Oktober 2013
Kategorie: International, Jurieren

WUDC Malaysia LogoShafiq Bazari and Jonathan Leader Maynard (Chief Adjudicators, Malaysia Worlds 2015)  are pleased to inform the World Debating Community that applications for the positions of Deputy Chief Adjudicator (DCA) at Malaysia Worlds 2015 is now open. The submission Deadline is 31st October 2013.

They hope to select the DCAs from a large pool of applications, and therefore strongly encourage applications from all who believe they would be able to fill the role of a Worlds DCA with excellence. In general, candidates should:

  1. Be able to commit to being at the tournament, and to travel to Malaysia shortly before its formal start date.
  2. Have excellent organizational ability – the capacity to help with the running of the competition and the ability to work well as part of a team.
  3. Be skilled at motion-setting – coming up with interesting and fair motions and critiquing motions (including their own).
  4. Possess considerable adjudication experience – DCAs should be good adjudicators, able to make correct decisions and provide high-quality feedback to participants.
  5. Have broad, current and non-prejudicial knowledge of their regional debating circuit, and be able to encourage quality adjudicators to attend Malaysia Worlds 2015.
  6. Be willing to support debating development – continuing the legacy set by past worlds, it is our intention to offer training workshops and a scholarship programme in the run-up to Malaysia Worlds 2015, and to support regional debating circuits in promoting the spread of debating to new countries. As such we would value applicants who would participate enthusiastically in such efforts (see application form for more details).

Because being a good DCA typically requires extensive experience of international debating, they would generally expect applicants to have broken as a speaker or a judge at an international tournament. This is not, however, an absolute precondition.

They guarantee a diverse adjudication core, and guarantee that at least one DCA will have a background in ESL or EFL debating. Their intention is to appoint:

  1. One DCA from Continental Europe
  2. One DCA from Africa or the Middle East
  3. One DCA from the Americas
  4. One DCA from Australasia

They may, in addition, appoint as an additional DCA the individual submitting the strongest application they receive who is not selected via slots 1-4, regardless of their regional background.

To apply, please fill in and email a completed application form to adjcore [at] malaysiaworlds2015 [dot] com. Applications will close at 11.59pm (GMT) on 31st October 2013.

As with previous Worlds, they will be soliciting feedback on applicants from the World Debating Community. The feedback period will open at the start of November, when they post the list of applicants, and will run until November 21st. They will announce theire selections shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the DCA’s role or application procedure, please contact them at adjcore [at] malaysiaworlds2015 [dot] com.


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