‘Some Croatian Dudes’ win FINDA-IDEA Mini

Datum: Sep 3rd, 2017
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The "Croatian Dudes" Tin (left) and Lovro - © Angelos Emmanouilidis

The “Croatian Dudes” Tin (left) and Lovro – © Angelos Emmanouilidis

Lovro Šprem and Tin Puljić from Zagreb won the FINDA-IDEA Mini 2017, speaking in Closing Government to the motion “This House would prefer a world in which people cannot deliberately lie”.

As team Some Croatian Dudes they beat 1386 ftw (Daniel Azaz, Diogo Videira) in Opening Government, The Pollyana Principle (Anna Vilen, Johannes Majamäki) in Opening Opposition and The Middle Kids (Milla Huuskonen, Adnan Abdi) in Closing Opposition.                                                                                                                          

The final adjudication panel was Sara Halonen (Chair), Lennart LoksteinTriin Toimetaja, Daan Welling and Robert Duczyński.

The mock tournament was organised as part of the IDEA Debate Exchange taking place in Turku and convened by Dirk Van Gerven, the Tab Master was Triin Toimetaja and Daan Welling acted as Chief Adjudicator.

The 5 best speakers after the preliminary rounds were:

1. Tin Puljić (78)
2. Jos Buijvoets (76.66)
2. Anna Vilen (76.66)
2. Milla Huuskonen (76.66)
2. Lovro Šprem (76.66)

The motions:

R1: This House believes that police in high-crime areas should NOT carry lethal weapons.

R2: This House would create special seats in parliament, elected b charities, which vote on behalf of future people.

R3: This House would ban all political opinion polls.

Final: This House would prefer a world in which people cannot deliberately lie.


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