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‘Some Croatian Dudes’ win FINDA-IDEA Mini

'Some Croatian Dudes' win FINDA-IDEA Mini[caption id="attachment_32634" align="alignright" width="400"] The "Croatian Dudes" Tin (left) and Lovro - © Angelos Emmanouilidis[/caption] Lovro Šprem and Tin Puljić from Zagreb won the FINDA-IDEA Mini 2017, speaking in Closing Government to the motion “This House would prefer a world in which people cannot deliberately lie”. As team Some Croatian Dudes they beat 1386 ftw (Daniel Azaz, Diogo Videira) in Opening Government, The Pollyana Principle (Anna Vilen, Johannes Majamäki) in Opening Opposition and The Middle Kids (Milla Huuskonen, Adnan Abdi) in Closing Opposition.                                                         ...
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Helsinki/Aalto win Turku Mini

Helsinki/Aalto win Turku Mini[caption id="attachment_31966" align="alignright" width="200"] Winning Team and CA Team of Turku Mini - Craig McDonald (left), Milla Huuskonen (centre), Joona Suhonen (centre) and Kaisa Hyry (right) - © Imène Mimouni.[/caption] Congratulations to the team Winland A (Milla Huuskonen, Helsinki, and Joona Suhonen, Aalto) for winning the Turku Mini 2017! They won the final from Opening Opposition defeating Max&Johan (Johan Vilén and Max Fogdell, Helsinki) in Opening Government, Kakkaa lumella (Ella Jonninen and Aleksi Niemi, Tampere) in Closing Government, and Aalto Right (Sara Halonen and Adnan Abdi) in Closing Opposition on the motion "This House would grant the five veto bearing UN ...
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Turku Open 2013

Turku Open 2013 The UTU Debating Club announced the Turku Open, that will take place in Finland from 25th to 27th October 2013. 5 Preliminary Rounds with Break to the Semi-Finals Chief Adjudicator: Manos Moschopoulos Team Cap: 32 teams (no limitation to the number of teams each institution can send) First come-first serve criteria n-1 rule apply Registration Fee is 50€/debater with accommodation and 35€/debater without Registration Fee is 40€/adjudicator with accommodation and 25€/adjudicator without. Registration Deadline: 30th of September or when the Team Cap is reached The organizers give three reasons, why debaters should come: " Because you love debate and we promise you amazing motions, a well-known CA, great judges and ...
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