Helsinki/Aalto win Turku Mini

Datum: May 3rd, 2017
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Turku Mini Image

Winning Team and CA Team of Turku Mini – Craig McDonald (left), Milla Huuskonen (centre), Joona Suhonen (centre) and Kaisa Hyry (right) – © Imène Mimouni.

Congratulations to the team Winland A (Milla Huuskonen, Helsinki, and Joona Suhonen, Aalto) for winning the Turku Mini 2017! They won the final from Opening Opposition defeating Max&Johan (Johan Vilén and Max Fogdell, Helsinki) in Opening Government, Kakkaa lumella (Ella Jonninen and Aleksi Niemi, Tampere) in Closing Government, and Aalto Right (Sara Halonen and Adnan Abdi) in Closing Opposition on the motion “This House would grant the five veto bearing UN security council seats to the five countries that take the highest total numbers of conflict refugees”.

The Final was judged by Kaisa Hyry in the chair, and Craig McDonald and Markus Myllymäki on the panel.

Milla Huuskonen and Joona Suhonen were Joint Top Speakers with an average of 82.5 and the Top Novice Speaker was Max Fogdell with an average of 77.25.

The Chief Adjudicators of the tournament were Craig McDonald and Kaisa Hyry and the tournament took place on Saturday April 29th.

The Break:

  1. Winland A (Milla Huuskonen, Helsinki/Joona Suhonen, Aalto) – 12 Points
  2. Max&Johan (Johan Vilén/Max Fogdell, Helsinki) – 8 Points
  3. Kakkaa lamella (Ella Jonninen/Aleksi Niemi, Tampere) – 8 Points
  4. Aalto Right (Sara Halonen/Adnan Abdi, Aalto) – 7 Points

Judge Break: Craig McDonald, Kaisa Hyry, Markus Myllymäki, Anton Moisseev

The Motions:

Rd 1: Info Text: Risk assessment tools assess the likelihood of recidivism – repeat offending or breaking the rules of probation or parole – using statistical probabilities based on factors such as age, employment history and prior criminal record. They are used in nearly all states in the U.S. in some stage of the criminal justice process. Risk assessment tools’ recommendations are advisory – judges can disregard them.

This House would prohibit the use of risk assessment tools in criminal sentencing.

Rd 2: This House believes that Western Intelligence Agencies should rig elections in countries where the result of the election threatens democracy.

Rd 3: This House believes that Comedians should not use racist, sexist, or derogatory language, even for the purposes of satire.

Rd 4: Info Text: Respectability politics or the politics of respectability refers to attempts by marginalized groups to police their own members and show their social values as being continuous, and compatible, with mainstream values rather than challenging the mainstream for what they see as its failure to accept difference.

This House regrets Respectability Politics.

F: This House would grant the five veto bearing UN Security Council seats to the five countries that take the highest total numbers of conflict refugees.


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