UCD Law HF wins UCD Law Soc and L&H Novice IV

Datum: Oct 7th, 2017
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The winners - © Helena Hecke

The winners: Cian Higgins (left) and Paddy Flynn (right) – © Helena Hecke

The Novice IV of UCD Law Soc and L&H was won by UCD Law HF (Cian Higgins and Paddy Flynn) from Closing Government.

They debated on the motion THB the US media should restrict coverage of mass shooting in the US against UCD Law/ Hist LA (Samuel Ajentunmobi and Jack Lowe) in Opening Government, Edinburgh I am Sasha Fierce (Lukas Augustin Reynoso and Nathanial Cliftion) in Opening Opposition and Bialystok A (Przimyslaw Stolarski and Alicja Owdiez) in Closing Opposition.

The debate was chaired by Beth Mallen together with Cian Luddy, Eoin O’Sullivan, Milla Huuskonen and Mark Wilson.

The best speaker of the tournament was Przimyslaw Stolarski from Bialystok A.

The CAs of the tournament were Niamh EglestonRory O’Sullivan and Beth Mallen was a DCA. Nish Hedge unfortunately had to drop out of the CA team for personal reasons.

The tournament was organized by UCD Law Society together with UCD L&H, the conveners of the tournament were Adam Stairs and Laura Hogan.

The Break:

  1. Bialystok A- 8 points  (Przimyslaw Stolarski and Alicja Owdiez)
  2. Edinburgh I am Sasha Fierce – 6 points (Lukas Augustin Reynoso and Nathanial Cliftion)
  3. UCD Law/ Hist La – 6 points (Samuel Ajentunmobi and Jack Lowe)
  4. UCD Law HF – 6 points (Cian Higgins and Paddy Flynn)

The Motions:

R1: THW legalise and regulate a market for the buying and selling of human organs.
R2: THB the EU should eject authoritarian member states.
R3: TH welcomes the decline of religious faith in the western world.
F: THB the US media should restrict coverage of mass shooting in the US.


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