Tel Aviv wins UCD Law Soc IV

Datum: Oct 25th, 2017
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Tel Aviv L&H (Dan Lahav Ayal Hayut-Man) won the first ever UCD Law Soc IV from Opening Opposition on the motion “THBT the Catalonian Government should have cancelled the independence referendum after it was ruled unconstitutional”

Tel Aviv L&H (Dan Lahav and Ayal Hayut-man) - © UCD Law Soc

Tel Aviv L&H (Ayal Hayut-man and Dan Lahav ) – © UCD Law Soc

They debated against We Gonna Rokc Dwon Two Dyslexic Avenue (Cian Luddy Caoimhe Meaney, UCC Philosophical Society) in Opening Government, I’m fine. It’s fine. We’re fine. (Chris CostiganAmy O’Sullivan, TCD Philosophical Society) in Closing Government and Bailey orders Asian Teck-a-Wei II: The Chopstick Chronicles (Bailey Reid, KCL &  Teck Wei Tan, Oxford) in Closing Opposition.

The final was chaired by Lucy Murphy together with Aodhan PeeloChris PaschaliBethany Garry and Jack Stanley.

The ESL final on the motion “THBT retribution should not be a part of the criminal justice system” was won by A lack of arguments fuels our creativity (Moritz Neeb & Marcel John, BDU) against KDP Grzegorczyk & Jarón (Krzysztof Jarón & Monika Grzegorczyk, Krakow) in Opening Government, Lund 1 (Chantal Girishan & Florian Mainz) in Closing Government and We promise we didn’t vote for the AfD (Helena Hecke Leonie da Col, Tilbury House) in Closing Opposition.

The final was judged by Nick Zervoudis (chair), David MacDonald, Julie Davis and Vincent Koon.

The tournament was CAed by Aodhan Peelo, Bethany Garry, Olivia Sundberg Diez and Roel Becker and organised by the UCD Law Society, convened by Adam Stairs and Laura Hogan.


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