Leiden/Oxford win Tilbury House IV 2018

Datum: Mar 15th, 2018
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David Metz (left) and Oskar Sherry (right) - © Aditto Bhattacharjee‎

David Metz (left) and Oskar Sherry (right) – © Aditto Bhattacharjee‎

Congratulations to the team Sebas, you can’t mech out racism with 10 seconds left in your speech (Oskar Sherry (Oxford), David Metz (Leiden)) for winning last weekend’s Tilbury House IV 2018. They won the final from Opening Opposition on the motion “THW legalise dueling to the death” against Give us new podcasts (Katharina Jansen, Stefan Kotz (Maastricht)) in Opening Government, Streitkultur Peitho (Konrad Gütschow, Lennart Lokstein (Tübingen)) in Closing Government and Streitkultur – Focus on Science (Marius Hobbhahn, Samuel Scheuer (Tübingen)) in Closing Opposition.

The final was chaired by Craig McDonald with Helena Hecke, Ruben Dillmann, Freddy Augustin und Maria Heitmeier completing the panel. Other breaking judges included Justus Raimann and the Chief Adjudicators Alasdair Donovan, Rory O’Sullivan, Gigi Gil, and Calyxx Peucker.

There was also a Pro-Am/Novice final which was won by Turkish Diaspora (Ozan Altan Altinok, Emre Kaplan) from Closing Government. They defeated A Debatable Team (Greetje Huisman, Simon Wirtz) in Opening Government, Scylla and Charybdis (Sven Jentzsch, Beatrice Cala) in Opening Opposition and University of Heidelberg / Zeppelin University (Laura Alviz, Markus Noon) in Closing Opposition on the motion “THR the portrayal of female retributive violence.”
Due to schedule problems the team Fahrrad zurück bitte (Ruben van Berk, Roman Zozuila) couldn’t compete in the Pro-Am/Novice final and was thus replaced by A Debatable Team.

The Break:

  1. Sebas, you can’t mech out racism with 10 seconds left in your speech (Oskar Sherry/David Metz) – 15 points, 809 total speaks
  2. Maastricht Tall and High (Alwin Bakker/anonymous) – 11 / 787 points
  3. Give us new podcasts (Katharina Jansen/Stefan Kotz) – 10/ 781 points
  4. Streitkultur – Focus on Science (Marius Hobbhahn/Samuel Scheuer) – 10 /775 points
  5. Kevin Costner (Dawid Wojciech Bartkowaik/Olle Reberg) – 10 / 773 points
  6. Illicit Debating (Huyen Nguyen/Ingo van Bandhauer) – 10 / 760 points
  7. Streitkultur Peitho (Konrad Gütschow/Lennart Lokstein) – 9 / 783 points
  8. Gabriella and Troy (Johannes Bechtle/Anna Markus) – 9 / 770 points

Top ten speakers of the inrounds (average speaker points):
1. Oskar Sherry (81)
2. David Metz (80.79)
3. anonymous (78.79)
4. Alwin Bakker (78.59)
4. Konrad Gütschow (78.59)
6. Katharina Jansen (78.4)
7. Flo Rilling (78.2)
8. Lennart Lokstein (78)
8. Yimin Ge (78)
10. Stefan Kotz (77.79)

The motions:

R1: THR the overwhelming narrative of good winning over evil in children’s literature and media.

R2: THBT governments should set interest rates rather than central banks.

R3: THW criminalize gang membership.

R4: Infoslide: The Hannibal directive is a rule applied by some armies that dictates that soldiers should, when another soldier is being captured, shoot t0 kill them to prevent them being imprisoned.

THS the implementation of the Hannibal directive.

R5: Infoslide: A plaintiff is someone who takes a legal case against someone else, who is known as a defendant. Defamation is the act of falsely damaging a person or organisation’s good name.

THBT in defamation cases the burden of proof should fall on the plaintiff rather than the defendant.

Pro-Am/Novice final: THR the portrayal of female retributive violence (i.e. Rihanna’s ‘Bitch better have my money’ and Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Bust your windows’).

SF: THR the social expectation that family ties are unconditional.

F: THW legalise dueling to the death.





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