Tel Aviv wins the Athens Open 2018

Datum: May 10th, 2018
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Left to right: Dan Lahav (CA), Ido Bressler (Winner), Amichay Even Chen (Winner), Ido Kotler (Best Speaker), Duncan Crowe (CA) - ©

Left to right: Dan Lahav (CA), Idan Bressler (Winner), Amichay Even Chen (Winner), Ido Kotler (Best Speaker), Duncan Crowe (CA) – © Annie Schwartz

After a weekend in Greece the Athens Open 2018 got won by ‘Tel Aviv A’ (Amichay Even Chen and Idan Bressler). They spoke in the final from Opening Government defeating ‘Novi Sad kenobi’ (Jovan Petronijević and Milos Marjanovic) in Opening Opposition, ‘Tel Aviv You’ve been struck by a smooth POI’ (Annie Schwartz and Gil Peled) in Closing Government, and ‘Random nomen graecum’ (Roy Schulman and Elaye Karstadt) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘This house believes that the general approach of states should be to repatriate refugees once they no longer have a well-founded fear of persecution.

The final was judged by Nika Jelendorf in the Chair, and Duncan Crowe, Harish Natarajan, Kallina Basli, and Sivan Avitan on the panel.

The Top Speaker of the tournament was Ido Kotler, from Tel Aviv with an average of 79.6.

The tournament took place over April 27th – 29th and the Chief Adjudicators were Sharmila Parmanand, Harish Natarajan, Duncan Crowe and Dan Lahav.

The Break:

  1. BGU “Never trust your wings” – Icarus  (Varia Ostrovsky, Jonathan Shapira) – 13 Points
  2. Random nomen graecum (Roy Schulman, Elaye Karstadt) – 13 Points
  3. Novi Sad Kenobi (Milos Marjanovic, Jovan Petronijevic): 12 Points
  4. I can’t read that out loud (Nick Zervoudis, Ciara Mitchell) – 11 Points
  5. Mary Berry (Ioana Covei, Tudor Musat) – 11 Points
  6. BGU Achilles Speech (Hernan Rosenblum, Yuval Vaserman) – 11 Points
  7. Tel Aviv Thinking outside of pandora’s box (Dafna Haran, Ido Kotler) – 10 Points
  8. Tel Aviv A (Amichay Even Chen, Idan Bressler) – 10 Points
  9. MGIMO 1 (Anna Chaltseva, Dimitri Nilov) – 10 Points
  10. Technion Eyebroz (Liron Bronfman, Amir David Nissan Cohen) – 10 Points
  11. Haifa A&M (Anna Shreder, Morad Khoury) – 10 Points
  12. NYUAD B (Pranaav Parrth, Christian Duborg) – 10 Points
  13. NYUAD C (Justin Lee, Benjamin Roberts) – 9 Points
  14. Tel Aviv The Maccabees’ Revenge (Assaph Hanany, Dana Green) – 9 Points
  15. Existence is Pain (Shreya Marathe, Suntiparp Somsak) – 9 Points
  16. Tel Aviv You’ve been struck by a smooth POI (Gil Peled, Annie Schwartz) – 9 Points


R1:  TH opposes the portrayal of criminal lifestyles as “cool” in popular entertainment (e.g. Narcos, Breaking Bad, Scarface)

R2: THBT Greece should ban Sharia law in Western Thrace.
Infoslide: In Western Thrace, there is a large Muslim minority who still follow some Ottoman-Muslim traditions. This includes many of them agreeing to have their civil disputes (e.g. family, property) adjudicated under Sharia Law.

R3:  THB that it is in China’s interest to not retaliate to the imposition of tariffs by the Trump Administration

R4: TH opposes the buying and selling of emotional services
Infoslide:Emotional service providers are paid by clients to provide emotional intimacy similar to family members, friends, or romantic partners; these services are non-sexual in nature.

R5: THBT social media platforms should aggressively prioritise content from the mainstream media over less established media outlets

QF: TH prefers a world in which this machine exists.

Infoslide: The Socrates machine accurately determines your potential for a range of attributes (e.g. physical strength, intelligence, empathy, charisma, diligence). All individuals are tested, and their results are on public record.

SF: THW ban individuals credibly accused of corruption from running for public office.

F: THBT the general approach of states should be to repatriate refugees once they no longer have a well-founded fear of persecution or violence.

Amichay Even Chen/lok.

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  1. Elaye Karstadt says:

    Might be worth pointing out that Elaye and Schulman were “Random nomen graecum” and not “BGU Achilles Speech” (it is written correctly on the break, but somehow wrong when listing the teams in the finals)

    1. Lennart Lokstein says:

      Edited it, thank you for the note.

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