Belgrade wins PEP IV

Datum: Mar 2nd, 2019
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Janko Djordjevic, one half of the winning team (left) and Ilija Ivanisevic, the top speaker of the tournament (right) – © Jovan Petronijevic

The PEP IV 2019 saw a home victory of the team in Opening Government We are too old to be here (Stefan Siridzanski, Janko Djordjevic). They defeated the Opening Opposition It’s like Uber, but for debaters (Joona Suhonen, John Kay), the Closing Government Too fat, too furious (Milos Marjanovic, Nikolay Angelov) and the Closing Opposition pepistoonative (Ilija Ivanisevic, Lovro Sprem) debating the motion “THR the decline of Marxism in Western Europe”. The final was judged by Djordje Radosavljevic (chair) Gigi Gil, Miri Muntean, Brian Wong and Tin Puljić.

Best speaker of the tournament was Ilija Ivanisevic with an average of 82.40 speaker points.

The judge break consisted of Predrag Pijevčević, Miri Muntean and Stefan Zeman as well as the chief adjudicators Tom Manor, Djordje Radosavljevic, Brian Wong, Gigi Gil and Tin Puljić.

Team Break:
1. pepistoonative (Ilija Ivanisevic, Lovro Sprem) – 12 pts. | 820 spks.
2. Too fat, too furious (Milos Marjanovic, Nikolay Angelov) – 12 pts. | 805 spks.
3. We are too old to be here (Stefan Siridzanski, Janko Djordjevic) – 12 pts. | 658 spks.
4. Flumingosi (Srdjan Milicevic, Slaven Minic)  – 11 pts. | 757 spks.
5. Its like Uber, but for debaters (Joona Suhonen, John Kay)  – 10 pts. | 788 spks.
6. Yugo Ono (Hadar Goldberg, Tziporen van Werpen) – 10 pts. | 781 spks.
7. Same Radko, different Monika (Radko Neydalkov, Monika Berkova) – 10 pts. | 766 spks.
8. Not the HM you know (Milla Huuskonen, Huyen Nguyen) – 9 pts. | 780 spks.

The tournament was organised by Milos Cusic as convener and Tamara Vesic as tournament director.

The Motions:

R1: THW give two votes to members of disenfranchised ethnic minorities.

R2: THW ban TalkToys

R3: THBT liberal democrats should provide financial and legal aid to their citizens who wish to permanently migrate abroad.

R4: THBT Asian countries should pivot away from US and seeker closer ties with China.

R5: THBT Pope Francis should take radical action to convince Catholics to vote only for political parties who promote redistributive policies.

SF: THBT states should prioritise the lives of their own soldiers over those of enemy non-combatants.

F: THR the decline of Marxism in Western Europe.


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