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NU A wins Parassat Open

NU A wins Parassat Open NU A (Tashkenbayev Mukhtar, Alisher Juzgenbayev) won the 2020 Parassat Open. They were speaking from Opening Opposition against ULU A (Maurice Coutiel, Przemek Stolarski) in Opening Government, Ateneo AV (Luigi Alcaneses, Mikko Vitug) in Closing Government, and Stay hear hear (Hadar Goldberg, Lior Sokol) in Closing Opposition on the motion: "This House Opposes the commercialization of competitive debating (such as for profit debate training, paid workshops, paying IAs a salary, paying pros to speak with wealthy beginners, etc)". The adjudication panel was chaired by Milla Huuskonen. Judging with her were Alikhan Kazinov, Josef Moscovici, Katharina Margarita Jansen, and Miri Muntean. The Pro-Am final ...
May 13th, 2020 | By | Category: international, News of debating clubs, Turniere |

BGU wins Vienna IV

BGU wins Vienna IV[caption id="attachment_35501" align="alignright" width="400"] The winners of the Vienna IV 2019: Hilla Schwartz,Jonathan Shapira - © Debattierklub Wien[/caption] At the Vienna IV 2019, the team BGU A (Hilla Schwartz, Jonathan Shapira) was victorious in the grand final. Out of Closing Opposition, they defeated KCL A (Joel Richardson, Emily Frizell) in Opening Government, Targyarean & Snow (Klaudia Maciejweska, Jure Hederih; Warsaw/Oxford) in Opening Opposition and One of us is sort of retired, the other one is actually from Australia (Brian Wong, Jack Solomon; Oxford) in Closing Government on the motion "THBT Gavrilo Princip was justified in killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand (incl. infoslide)". ...
May 26th, 2019 | By | Category: international, News of debating clubs, Turniere | Comments Off on BGU wins Vienna IV

Belgrade wins PEP IV

Belgrade wins PEP IV[caption id="attachment_35174" align="alignright" width="300"] Janko Djordjevic, one half of the winning team (left) and Ilija Ivanisevic, the top speaker of the tournament (right) - © Jovan Petronijevic[/caption] The PEP IV 2019 saw a home victory of the team in Opening Government We are too old to be here (Stefan Siridzanski, Janko Djordjevic). They defeated the Opening Opposition It's like Uber, but for debaters (Joona Suhonen, John Kay), the Closing Government Too fat, too furious (Milos Marjanovic, Nikolay Angelov) and the Closing Opposition pepistoonative (Ilija Ivanisevic, Lovro Sprem) debating the motion "THR the decline of Marxism in Western Europe". The final was judged ...
Mar 2nd, 2019 | By | Category: international, News of debating clubs, Turniere | Comments Off on Belgrade wins PEP IV

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