BGU wins Vienna IV

Datum: May 26th, 2019
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The winners of the Vienna IV 2019: Hilla Schwartz,Jonathan Shapira – © Debattierklub Wien

At the Vienna IV 2019, the team BGU A (Hilla Schwartz, Jonathan Shapira) was victorious in the grand final. Out of Closing Opposition, they defeated KCL A (Joel Richardson, Emily Frizell) in Opening Government, Targyarean & Snow (Klaudia Maciejweska, Jure Hederih; Warsaw/Oxford) in Opening Opposition and One of us is sort of retired, the other one is actually from Australia (Brian Wong, Jack Solomon; Oxford) in Closing Government on the motion “THBT Gavrilo Princip was justified in killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand (incl. infoslide)”. The adjudication panel consisted of Monica Forman as chair, Johan Båge, Milos Marjanovic, Miri Muntean and Tom Manor.

Novice Winners: Sara Brdnik and Stefany Soh – © Debattierklub Wien

The novice final was won by the Closing Government Eudu: S is for space, L is for love (Stefany Soh, Sarah Brdnik; Edinburgh) against Opening Government ELTE A (Judit Kaszab, Krisztina Sinkovics), Opening Opposition IDC B (Matan Fettman, Ido Lang) and Closing Opposition Atopissimo (Julián Enciso, Minerva Estruch Rectoret; Barcelona). The debate on the motion “THO social media banning of alt-right figures” was judged by Tom Manor as chair together with Jan-Gunther Gosselke, Josiah Peterson, Miri Muntean and Tom Mateusz Wójtowicz.

Top speaker of the tournament was Teck Wei Tan with an average of 84.00 speaker points. In the novice category, Srdjan Milicevic, Stefany Soh and Sarah Brdnik reached a joint first place with 76 points on average.

Open Break:
1. stop it, that tickles (Teck Wei Tan, Gigi Gil) – 13 pts | 828 spks
2. One of us is sort of retired, the other one is actually from Australia (Brian Wong, Jack Solomon) – 12 pts | 807 spks
3. Bullying is mean: A life lesson (Nick Zervoudis, Rachel Homnick) – 12 pts | 795 spks
4. Orla & Aisling (Orla Gaughran, Aisling Tully) – 11 pts | 817 spks
5. KCL A (Joel Richardson, Emily Frizell) – 11 pts | 803 spks
6. BGU A (Hilla Schwartz, Jonathan Shapira) – 11 pts | 799 spks
7. It’s very difficult todo esto (Angela Portocarrero, Martin Devenney) – 11 pts | 795 spks
8. Targyarean & Snow (Klaudia Maciejweska, Jure Hederih) – 11 pts | 781 spks

Novice Break:
1. IDC B (Matan Fettman, Ido Lang) – 8 pts | 732 spks
2. Eudu: S is for space, L is for love (Stefany Soh, Sarah Brdnik) – 7 pts | 760 spks
3. ELTE A (Judit Kaszab, Krisztina Sinkovics) – 7 pts | 722 spks
4. Atopissimo (Julián Enciso, Minerva Estruch Rectoret) – 6 pts | 722 spks

Judge Break:
Eta Krpanec, Jan-Gunther Gosselke, Johan Båge, Josiah Peterson, Lucía Arce, Mark Wilson, Milos Marjanovic, Miri Muntean, Monica Forman, Nicole O’Sullivan, Noam Dahan, Olivia Sundberg Diez, Roy Schulman, Tom Manor, Tom Mateusz Wójtowicz and Yair Har-Oz.

The tournament was convened by the Debattierklub Wien in person of Joy Edobor with Roman Korecky, Katrin Fallmann and Stefan Ziman as Tab team and Lucía Arce, Noam Dahan, Milos Marjanovic and Miri Muntean as Chief Adjudication team.

The Motions:

R1: THBT women should decline chivalrous gestures

R2: Infoslide: “Eva’s Stories” is an Instagram account based on the true diary of a teenage Jewish girl in the holocaust, portraying her journal entries as an Instagram feed.

THS using social media platforms to depict stories from the Holocaust

R3: Infoslide: In religious arbitration, the two parties involved in a civil dispute consent to have their dispute settled by a religious tribunal, rather than in a civil court. The decisions of the religious arbitration courts are binding.

THW ban religious arbitration courts

R4: Infoslide: “Decapitation” refers to the strategy of targeting a leader of a criminal organization for assassination or capture.

THS the strategy of “decapitation” in fighting transnational criminal organizations

R5: THW NOT enforce pharmaceutical patent infringements within developing nations

SF: THW create and teach a unified history curriculum in the European Union

NF: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have in the span of a year banned prominent alt-right figures like Alex Jones, Milo Yianoppolous etc. THO social media banning of alt-right figures

F: “Our shadows will be walking through Vienna, strolling through the court, frightening lords.”

THBT Gavrilo Princip was justified in killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand



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