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Datum: Jun 29th, 2020
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The open final of the Astana Debate Union Online Tournament 2020 was won by LSE HC (Hamza Chaudhry, Ciara Mitchell) in Opening Opposition, speaking against GUU A (Emma Chan, Julie Nyerges) in Opening Government, Trying to get my ducks in a row (Lucy Murphy, Miri Muntean) in Closing Government, and Short and to the point (Neta Portal, Miriam Kalman) in Closing Opposition on the motion “THP the rule of the governing AI, with elections on priorities over, traditional representative democracy.” The final was chaired by Hadar Goldberg, judging alongside Tin Puljic, Alicja Filbier, Dana Green, and Ron Leizrowice.

The top speaker was Ciera Mitchell, LSE HC, with an average of 83.6 speaker points.
The top ESL speakers were Neta Kenneth Portal and Julie Nyerges, both averaging 80.2 speaker points.

Team Break:
1. Whips and clashes excite me (Gwen Stearns, Pascal O’Neill), 14 points 805 speaker points
2. Short and to the point (Neta Portal, Miriam Kalman), 13 points 807 speaker points
3. LSE HC (Hamza Chaudhry, Ciara Mitchell) 12 points, 831 speaker points
4. Amsterdam A (Marike Breed, Nikola Michaylov), 12 points, 798 speaker points
5. GUU A (Emma Chan, Julie Nyerges), 12 points, 794 speaker points
6. Moscow A (Dimitri Nilov, Kirill Tamogashev), 12 points, 782 speaker points
7. Edinburgh C (Jason Woods, Cerys Walsh) 12 points, 796 speaker points
8. Is this Zoom or Discord? I’m all mixideaed up (Yishai Binnes, Rachel Homnick) 10 points, 792 speaker points
9. Warwick A (Lucie Slamova, Rafael Shimabukuro) 10 points, 791 speaker points
10. Trying to get my ducks in a row (Miri Muntean, Lucy Murphy) 10 points, 789 speaker points
11. Mala Party (Clinton Wee, Athan Siah) 10 points, 783 speaker points
12. [KDA] Praying for a Round 1 (Helena Hecke, Ruben Dillman) 10 points, 782 speaker points
13. Hebrew L & T (Lior Sokol, Tamar Ben Meir) 10 points, 781 speaker points
14. Tufts A (Connor Akiyama, Aonkon Dey) 10 points, 777 speaker points
15. The Quaranteens (Maxwell DeLorenzo, Rohan Battula) 10 points, 773 speaker points
16. Cees and Aarit (Aarit Bhattacharya, Cees Armstrong) 10 points, 766 speaker points

Judge Break:
Alexander Fraser, Alicja Filbier, Anna-Ruth CockerhamAnna Shreder, Areeb Sherwani, Braedon Lehman, Caoimhe Meaney, Dana Green, Emily Frizell, Hadar Goldberg, Hila Schwartz, Jack Stanley, Katharina Jansen, Klaudia Maciejewska, Lena Kolle, Louisa Broeg, Mateusz Wojtowicz, Meabh Magee, Milla Huuskonen, Monica Forman, Nir Kligsberg, Noam Dahan, Olivia Mackender, Raffy Marshall, Ron Leizrowice, Tin Puljic, Uzair Tajuddin. 

Speaker Top-10:
1. Ciara Mitchell, LSE HC, 83.6 avg speaks  418 total speaks
2. Hamza Chaudhry, LSE HC, 82.6 avg speaks 413 total speaks
3. Gwen Stearns, Whips and clashes excite me, 81.6 avg speaks 408 total speaks
4. Miriam Kalman, Short and to the point, 81.2 avg speaks 403 total speaks
5. Neta Portal, Short and to the point, 80.2 avg speaks, 401 total speaks
5. Julie Nyerges, GUU A, 80.2 avg speaks, 401 total speaks
7. Marike Breed, Amsterdam A, 80 avg speaks, 400 total speaks
8. Jason Woods, Edinburgh C, 79.8 avg speaks 399 total speaks
9. Nikola Michaylov, Amsterdam A, 79.6 avg speaks, 398 total speaks
10. Pascal O’Neill, Whips and clashes excite me, 79.4 avg speaks 397 total speaks
10. Cerys Walsh, Edinburgh C, 79.4 avg speaks 397 total speaks

ESL Speakers:
1. Julie Nyerges, GUU A, 80.2 avg speaks, 401 total speaks
1. Neta Kenneth Portal, Short and to the point, 80.2 avg speaks, 401 total speaks
3. Marike Breed, Amsterdam A, 80 avg speaks, 400 total speaks
4. Nichola Michaylov, 79.6 avg speaks, 398 total speaks
5. Rafael Shimabukuro, Warwick A, 79.2 avg speaks, 296 total speaks

The Astana Debate Union Online Open featured 80 teams and was hosted by the Astana EUDC team. The technology guide is to be the one used at the Astana EUDC and can be viewed here. The CA team included Katharina Jansen, Milla Huuskonen, Emily Frizell, and Noam Dahan. Tab is available here. 2 – 3 rooms were streamed per round and can be viewed on the ADU youtube channel. 


R1: Infoslide: The Teacher Independence Model is a model which limits interaction between parents and teachers to meetings initiated by the school or teacher. In this model only the considerations and parameters of the teaching staff are considered in determining school and educational activity.

Motion: THW implement the Teacher Independence Model in schools for children aged over 12.

R2: Infoslide: Twitter has recently added a fact-check function, where certain high-profile tweets that are factually incorrect are flagged as such with a link to fact-checking post.

Motion: THR twitter adding a fact-check function

R3: THW incentivize work from home (*not only for the duration of the pandemic)

R4: THW grant all nation states the right to veto any transfer, out of their country, of art which is deemed to be cultural heritage

R5: THW forbid universities in the US from accepting research funding from China

QF: Infoslide: In an Randomized Control Trial (RCT), participants – individuals or communities – are randomly split into a treatment group (who receive the intervention) and a control group (who do not). Afterwards, the two groups are compared. RCTs are being used increasingly frequently to test the efficacy of aid and NGO interventions.

Motion: THW spend the significant majority of foreign development aid on interventions proven to be effective by RCT.

SF: Infoslide: Tradwife sites feature heterosexual women promote/glorify the virtues of and behaving like “traditional wives”: staying at home, fixing meals, having many children and raising them. They are anti-feminist, actively attack the feminist movement, and glorify submitting to male leadership.

Motion: TH, as a feminist hacker, would seek to disrupt tradwife spaces (for example, by methods such as DDos, phishing, defacement)

Final: Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, there exists a governing AI. The governing AI is able to optimise policy outcomes to maximise or minimize measurable parameters it is given.

Motion: THP the rule of the governing AI, with elections on priorities over, traditional representative democracy

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