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WUDC 2012: Tag 6 – Der Halbfinalbreak

Today's sixth day of the Worlds Universities Debating Championship saw lots of joy and lots of heartbreak - it was the first day of final rounds! After yesterday's break announcement started with the open octofinals, followed by English as a Second Language (ESL) quarterfinals, open quarterfinals and concurrent EFL and ESL semifinals. ...
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WUDC 2012: Day 4 – New Year’s Eve

As usual at Worlds, the last day of the year is also the last day of preliminary rounds. Another three rounds capped off those rounds and finally determined who will advance to the final rounds ("break") and who won't. To discourage bad and destructive behaviour in these rounds, no adjudication is given after the rounds end. That means that the latest available information regarding standings is from last night after round 6 - Can Okar and Florian Umscheid have compiled unofficial tabs based on publicly available data: Can's GoogleDoc and Florian's Facebook posts thus provided a glimpse of who might ...
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WUDC 2012: Der Break

In the following we provide you the breaks and tab positions at WUDC 2012 after the nine preliminary rounds. This data was compiled with the help of Colm Flynn and confirmed by WUDC tabmaster Bob Nimmo. Some institutions' names may not be accurately typed up, please excuse any errors. EFL break (team points not yet available): Universitas Indonesia C Ewha Debating Society A Belgrade C Defense Technology A Zagreb A UCD Venezuela A Tianjin FSU A STAN A ESL break (team points not yet available): Tel Aviv A Utrecht A Leiden A Ljubljana A Belgrade A Johannes Gutenberg A BDU A University of the Philippines Manila A International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) A Chinese University Hong Kong A Galatasaray A Malaya A KDU A Lahore ...
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WUDC 2012: Day 3

The trophies for winners of WUDC 2012 at De La Salle University, Manila. It was another busy day at De La Salle Worlds in Manila, and debaters got a glimpse of what they all hope to hold in their hands on January 3 - trophies! ...
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