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Helsinki/Leiden wins Prague Open

Helsinki/Leiden wins Prague Open[caption id="attachment_35986" align="alignright" width="346"] Milla Huuskonen and Katharina Jansen - © Martin Jambor[/caption] The team Real Friends Crash Out of Quarters Together (Milla Huuskonen, Katharina Jansen; Helsinki/Leiden) has won the Prague Open 2019 as Closing Government. In the final, they defeated the Opening Government Unironically Emulating Kafka (Uzair Tajuddin, Florens Rilling, Munich), the Opening Opposition Streitkultur A (Samuel Scheuer, Marius Hobbhahn, Tübingen) and the Closing Opposition Streitkultur B (Dominik Hermle, Joschka Braun). The debate on the motion "THBT the fight against Climate Change should include taking international action against sovereign countries (such as exclusion from international institutions, sanctions, military intervention, etc.), ...
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New executive board in Mainz

In their general assembly, the Debattierclub Johannes Gutenberg Mainz (DCJG) elected a new executive board. Marina Freund is now president. He is flanked by Betty Braun and Allison Jones as vice presidents. Max Fritz has been elected treasurer.
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FDL: Berlin wins Dresden tournament / Mainz top FDL team

Georg Sommerfeld and Bruno Davids of Berlin Debating Union (BDU) won Saggsn Masders 2012, a tournament in the Saxonian capital Dresden. Georg was also awarded best speaker of the final. The other final teams were from Mainz (Willy Witthaut and Betty Braun) and of BDU: Sarah von Kaminietz and Martin Funck, and Hauke Blume and Marijana Todorovich). The top speakers of the tourney: Georg Sommerfeld Willy Witthaut Hauke Blume Sarah von Kaminietz, Dessislava Kirova The top team results of the league after Saggsn Masders: Mainz (53) Heidelberg Debating (44) Tübingen (44) Berlin Debating Union (36) Freiburg (26) Top speaker results after Saggsn Masders: Willy Witthaut (64) Almut Graebsch (45), Zsolt Szilagyi (45) Philipp Stiel (44) Please ...
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Bluff: Mainz is not a carnival club!

Robert Epple aus Frankfurt überzeugte als Freier Redner im Finale Jury wie Publikum - zurecht bester Redner! (Foto: Max Fritz) Please read the very, very entertaining report that Sven Hirschfeld has written for Achte Minute on the Gutenberg Cup, the expertise on carnival in Mainz and an obviously superb tournament. Please got the German version to do so. Pleeeeease!
Nov 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Themen, Turniere | mit 2 Kommentaren

Helau! Mainz gewinnt den Gutenberg-Cup

Mainz won the Gutenberg Cup! Please read the German version of this article to learn more about the details.
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Sophie Binas and Franziska Bröker win at first women only tourney

From 17 to 19 August the first women only debating tournament took place in Germany organized by the Debattiergesellschaft Jena. 16 speakers argued in five preliminary rounds and the final. Sophie Binas (Klartext Halle) and Franziska Bröker (S.A.E.C.L.O. Greifswald), the latter just finished grammar school, won the final from the position of Closing Opposition. To learn more about the tournament and its motions, please read the German version of this article. Get an impression of the tournament from the video that broadcaster Jena-TV published on their website. vro / apf
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