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Leiden wins both finals at Astana EUDC 2020

Leiden wins both finals at Astana EUDC 2020[caption id="attachment_36956" align="alignright" width="455"] The Dutch victory celebration featuring European champions Katharina Margareta Jansen (4th from left), Emma Lucas (5th f.l.) Louis Honee (6th f.l.) and David Metz (7th f.l.) - © Louis Honee[/caption] The Astana EUDC 2020 has come to an end and it has been a successful tournament for the Leiden Debating Union. The Dutch debating society was able to win both the ESL and Open final and topped the ESL speaker awards as well. In the grand final, Leiden A (David Metz, Emma Lucas) took the victory out of Closing Opposition against the Opening Government Leiden C (Louis Honee, ...
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“I took the first step”: Interview with Worlds Tab Master Jakob Reiter

"I took the first step": Interview with Worlds Tab Master Jakob Reiter  Worlds are over, but some questions remain. Why was there a delay during the preliminary rounds every day? Did Tabbie2 malfunction at any time? Or were the adjudicator scores lost? Worlds Tab Master Jakob Reiter from DK Wien talked to Achte Minute about tabbing the biggest international tournament, his software Tabbie2, and other technical details. Achte Minute: Dear Jakob, you were one of the Tab Masters at the World University Debating Championships in Thessaloniki. How do you feel after this tournament? Jakob: I am really happy I had the opportunity to be the Tab Master. It is always a great challenge to ...
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WUDC 2016 in Thessaloniki

WUDC 2016 in ThessalonikiThe World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) is the largest international debating tournament. The first WUDC took place in Glasgow in 1981 in which only 43 teams from seven nations participated. This year, more than 440 teams from all continents compete for the title of World Debating Champion. The WUDC 2016 will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Two clubs cooperate to host the tournament: The Rhetoric Club of Thessaloniki, one of the oldest debating societies in Greece, and the Debating Society of Greece, a group of experienced Greek debate trainers and organisers that provides debate training to young people in universities. ...
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WUDC 2015: And the winners are…

WUDC 2015: And the winners are...The World Universities Debating Championship 2015 in Malaysia has its champions:And the winners are...The Open CategorySydney A (Edward Miller, Nick Chung) won the final in the Open Category. They debated the motion "This House believes that humanitarian organisations should, and should be allowed to, give funding, resources or services to illegal armed groups when this is made a condition for access to vulnerable civilians." and won against Oxford A (Patrick Bateman, Natasha Rachman) in Opening Government, BPP A  (Steven Rajavinothan, Michael O'Dwyer) in Opening Opposition and Harvard A (Bo Seo, Fanelesibonge Mashwama) in Closing Opposition. The final was adjudicated by Shafiq Bazari (chair), Dominic ...
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Skopje Open

Skopje OpenIt is the first international debating tournament in British Parliamentary Style (BPS) in Macedonia: Skopje Open will take place on the weekend of November 7-9, 2014. Up to 32 teams can register now. The tournament costs €50 per participant, including accommodation in a hotel and three meals per day, organiser Milka Gerovska says. For people arriving early because they directly come from Thessaloniki Open on the preceding weekend, the organisers will provide with crash accommodation or a cheap hostel.The convener of the tournament is the Youth Educational Forum (YEF), an NGO that has organized many debate competitions before, more than ...
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EUDC 2014 – Break to the Finals

EUDC 2014 - Break to the FinalsThe break to the Finals at the European Universities Debating Championship 2014 has been announced. In the ESL category, Berlin A, Lund A, Belgrade B and BBU A made it through the semi-finals with the motion "This house believes that leaders of minority religions in Europe should strongly encourage their congregations to refrain from public displays of their faith". In the Open break, Oxford A, Sheffield A, Nottingham A, and Edinburgh A won the semi-finals with the motion "THBT the US should invade and forceably partition Iraq". Semi-finals of the Zagreb EUDC In the Open semi-final 1, the following teams competed: OG: Edinburgh A OO: ...
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Warsaw Open

Warsaw OpenWarsaw Open is the first international tournament in Poland. The team promises "Amazing people, lots of fun, delicious food and many many attractions!" Some general tournament details: - Chief Adjudicator: Manos Moschopoulos - 7 min speeches - 4 preliminary rounds, break to semi-finals - team cap of 40 - costs are 25 euros per debater, judges 15 euros (covers food, accomodation and alcohol) - n-1 rule applies To registration go to the Google form.  You can contact the team at, find more information on their Facebook site and watch the promo video on Youtube. ak
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Turku Open 2013

Turku Open 2013 The UTU Debating Club announced the Turku Open, that will take place in Finland from 25th to 27th October 2013. 5 Preliminary Rounds with Break to the Semi-Finals Chief Adjudicator: Manos Moschopoulos Team Cap: 32 teams (no limitation to the number of teams each institution can send) First come-first serve criteria n-1 rule apply Registration Fee is 50€/debater with accommodation and 35€/debater without Registration Fee is 40€/adjudicator with accommodation and 25€/adjudicator without. Registration Deadline: 30th of September or when the Team Cap is reached The organizers give three reasons, why debaters should come: " Because you love debate and we promise you amazing motions, a well-known CA, great judges and ...
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Belgrade Open 2013

Belgrade Open 2013 The Belgrad Open 2013 will take place in the Serbinan Capital on May 17th and 19th. The CA Team consist of CA Harish Natarajan, DCAs Seena Maatoug and Manos Moschopoulos, Regional DCA Črt Podlogar and Local DCA Goran Jankuloski. The 11th installment of the Belgrade Open comes with 5 Rounds and a Break to Semis. The Reg fee is 50 EUR per PARTICIPANT, the Team-Cap is 64 Teams. The Registration opens on April 1st (no joking). For more Information you can check out the website. fpu
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