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Dublin/London wins Imperial Online IV

Dublin/London wins Imperial Online IV At the Imperial Online IV 2020, hosted on June 27th and June 28th, 2020, the team Hybrid Statoosh (Lucy Murphy, Maurice Coutiel) has emerged victorious in the Open Final out of Opening Opposition. They spoke against Imperial IR (Ivan Kapelyukh, Rhys Steel) in Opening Government, LSE BD (Katya Broomberg, Andrea D'Souza) in Closing Government, and Stop talking about erectile dysfunction and start talking about female orgasmic dysfunction (Gabrielle Fullam, Jack Williams) in Closing Opposition. The motion read "THBT universities should establish "dangerous spaces (incl. Infoslide)". The debate was judged by Jacklin Kwan as chair, together with Gwen Stearns, Joseph Lewis, ...
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Tel Aviv wins Bristol Cyberpunk IV

Tel Aviv wins Bristol Cyberpunk IV The Utopian Final of the Cyberpunk IV was won by The zoom where it happens (Gil Peled, Ido Kotler; Tel Aviv) in Opening Government, speaking against [KDA] the Real ULU A (Maurice Coutiel, Nick Zervoudis; London) in Opening Opposition, Team Underscore Name (Areeb Sherwani, Jacklin Kwan; Sheffield/Manchester)  in Closing Government, and To die hating OO, that was freedom (Josh Freeman, Joseph Lewis; LSE) in Closing Opposition on the motion "Assuming the technology exists, this house would allow people to buy and sell years of their life." The debate was chaired by Emily Frizell, judging with her were Arie Mora, Lucy ...
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Cornell wins Eastern Online IV

Cornell wins Eastern Online IV The grand final of the Eastern Online IV 2020 was won by Cornell 3 (Dylan Young, Amaar Jeyasothy) in Closing Opposition, speaking against McGill 1 (Micaela Lewis, Naomi Panovka) in Opening Government, Yale 1 (Eva Quinones, Ko Lyn Cheang) in Opening Opposition, and Brandeis-NU Hybrid (Ravi Simon, Tanay Patri) in Closing Government on the motion "THW spend all of Jeff Bezos's money." The debate was chaired by Marlene Pierce, with a panel of Klaudia Maciejewska, Rob Ruiz, Chris Pang, Germaine Barrett, Niki Linganur, and Reed. In  the ESL Final Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology 1 (Shirsha Songshoptak, Tameer Hossain) took ...
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Oxford wins Birmingham IV

Oxford wins Birmingham IV[caption id="attachment_34894" align="alignright" width="400"] Tommy Peto and Gigi Gil - © UoB Debating[/caption] The team Oxford GP (Gigi Gil, Tommy Peto) was victorious at the Birmingham IV 2018. They won the final motion "TH prefers a world where co-parenting is primarily non-romantic (conducted by consenting partners who have no romantic or sexual relationship, eg. friends)" out of Opening Government against Only here so Luke gets moved up a squad (Luke Dunn, Jamie Johnson) in Opening Opposition, LSE B (Abhinav Reddy Bathula, Keshav Arvind) in Closing Government and 240 nuts cracked, 752 to go (Becky Elkington, Gwylim Taylor) in Closing Opposition. The ...
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WUDC 2018 – The Break

WUDC 2018 - The BreakOnce again the anglophone World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) took place during the turn of the year. This year's location was Mexico City. The tournament started the 27.12.17 and ended the 04.01.18. After nine preliminary rounds the teams breaking to the outrounds were announced on New Year's Eve. At the WUDC, teams participate classified as one of three language categories: EPL (English as a Proficient Language), ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language). EPL-classified teams can only participate in the Open Break, ESL-teams depending on their ranking either in the Open Break oder the ...
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Zagreb EUDC 2014 – Open and ESL break

Zagreb EUDC 2014 - Open and ESL breakThe break of the European Universities Debating Championship 2014 in Zagreb has been announced. The following teams will compete in the out-rounds on the 22nd of August (data might be inaccurate): Open Break 23: Cambridge C 22: Oxford B 21: Cambridge B 21: Oxford A 21: GUU A 20: Cambridge A 20: Oxford C 19: Edinburgh A 19: LSE A 19: Sheffield A 19: Durham B 19: KCL A 19: Hebrew A 19: Nottingham A 19: Durham C 18: BPP A ESL Break 19: Hebrew A 18; Belgrade B 18: Lund A 18: Tartu A 18: Berlin A 17: Tel Aviv B 17: Leiden A 17: Bucharest A 17: BBU A 17: Tilbury House A 17: Mannheim A 17: ELTE A 17 BGU A 16: Belgrade A 16: Tel Aviv A 16: tie of ...
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