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Debaters at WUDC – Part 4

Debaters at WUDC - Part 4The tournament is over which means this series is also coming to an end, at least for now. But before that, we still have some debaters we'd like you to meet! Erika Martinez and Alexis Hernando, Peru Aneeq Ali Sawar and Shayan Shaukat, Pakistan Erika Martinez and Alexis Hernando, Peru [caption id="attachment_30880" align="alignleft" width="400"] Erika Martinez and Alexis Hernando - © Johannes Meiborg[/caption] AM: Hi, can you give us a quick introduction of you and how you started debating? EM: I study philosophy at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and have been debating in Spanish for four years now in our debating society called Sociedad ...
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The winners of Dutch WUDC 2017

The winners of Dutch WUDC 2017After nine preliminary rounds, two days of elimination rounds and three finals, the winners of this years WUDC have been determined. [caption id="attachment_30874" align="alignright" width="302"] EFL Champions 2017: Belgrade C ©DutchWUDC[/caption] In the EFL Final, Belgrade C (Miloš Marjanović, Teodora Rešetar) took the win via unanimous decision against BINUS A (Stella Emada Bestio, Willem Chua) in Opening Government, SKT A (Konrad Gütschow, Philipp Schirmer) in Opening Opposition and SUFE B (Jinting Liu, Miranda Shen Yan) in Closing Government on the motion "THBT the European left should promote a hard left agenda, including the nationalisation of major industry, very high tax rates on the ...
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WUDC 2017 – The Break

WUDC 2017 - The BreakThree days and nine preliminary rounds into the Dutch WUDC 2017 in Den Haag, the following teams of the 394 participating ones have made it to the final rounds: Open Break (1-16 advance straight to octofinals): Oxford B UT MARA A AKL A (Auckland) Oxford A Oxford C Harvard A Cambridge A Hart House A (Toronto) Durham A Yale A USU B (Sydney) GUU A (Glasgow) Cambridge B Melbourne A Tel Aviv A Harvard C USU A IIUM A (Kuala Lumpur) Bates A UWADU A (Perth) IIUM B USU C UQDS C (Queensland) UCD LAW A (Dublin) Duke A Cambridge D ...
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Dutch WUDC 2017’s judge test online

Dutch WUDC 2017's judge test onlineSince yesterday, December 5th, 2016, judge test and debating and judging manual (to be read before completing the test) of the upcoming Dutch WUDC 2017 are available online. Consisting of a video debate and a multiple choice section, the test has to be completed by all participating judges before December 22nd 23:59 (GMT). Failure to do so will, according to the organizers, result in a "noticeable impact [on one's] allocation to rooms in the competition." Further, it has been announced that the Warsaw Speaker Scale will be applied throughout the tournament. Also, all judges have kindly been asked to enter any ...
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„Let’s not reinvent the wheel every year“ – Dessislava Kirova on South Africa’s bid for WUDC 2017

„Let's not reinvent the wheel every year“ – Dessislava Kirova on South Africa's bid for WUDC 2017South Africa is currently applying to host the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) in 2017. Should the bid be successful, Dessislava Kirova would form the Chief Adjudication panel, together with Gemma Buckley from Australia and Syed Saddiq from Malaysia. Anne Gaa spoke with her about her plans for the Worlds.Achte Minute: How did you get to be nominated by the South African OrgCom? Is there a special relationship between the German and South African debating communities?Dessislava Kirova: It was quite surprising. At the Paris Open 2013, I met someone who was, at that time, part of the organizing team. That connection ...
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