Makeover for DDG’s web presence

Datum: Aug 1st, 2010
Category: DDG

The web presence of the Deutsche Debattiergesellschaft (DDG), the German alumni association for debaters, hosts a now broadened range of pages for those interested in the history of the alumni association, the various events such as the traditional Masters’ Cup or the award for the up-and-coming debaters at the German debating championships where just recently Florian Umscheid was elected best junior speaker by the DDG members present since he convinced the jury with his wit and deep analysis.

Even freshmen and newcomers to the alumni association will find some things to explore on the re-fashioned DDG pages: the present executive board around DDG president Hannes Budelmann is presented as well as how to become a member of DDG.

The persons mainly in charge are two members of the executive board: Gudrun Lux and Oliver Hörtensteiner. They are reported to be planning on a detailed internal area for DDG members. But for now: Surf to the made-over DDG pages and explore them yourselves! And if not already: become a member of DDG!

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2 Kommentare zu “Makeover for DDG’s web presence”

  1. Mathias pdm says:

    nur mal so, wenn ich auf den ersten Link klicke erscheint bei mir ein Fenster der achten Minute und sagt “Keine Inhalte gefunden”

  2. Gudrun Lux says:

    Danke für den Hinweis. Problem behoben.

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