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Datum: Nov 4th, 2010
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“Elternalarm – Parents coming!” was the slogan in Münster in late October: Students’ parents were welcome to discover Münster – and the Debattierclub Münster was part of this.

Various events were arranged at all Münster universities and colleges. The debating society presented themselves to the mothers, fathers and siblings with an abbreviated format: Two speakers on each side – pro and con – held their respective four minute speech to convince the audience. The motion read: “Credit points for going to the theater – How much culture can students bear?” One credit point should be achieved by visiting the cultural events five times per term, the proposition suggested. Johanna Mai argued that a compulsory culture was necessary to broaden the view of students. Second prop speaker Gerrit Gottschalk emphasized that classic concerts and theaters only could be declared cultural event relevant to the credit point system. On the other side, Katharina Röhm criticized that culture in the sense the propositional side used the term was too narrowed down. And her team mate Teresa Widlok added that going out for beers is much more of an academic culture than going to the theaters could ever be. That is where you can find advice from former students.

It was the audience that had the last word that night: They made Katharina and Teresa winners of the debate.

Teresa Widlok / glx /apf

The press reports on “Elternalarm“ and the Debattierclub taking part in it. The newspaper Die Münsterländische Volkszeitung on the debate :

“That academic life is especially fruitful in the Bierakademie was shown by Theresa Widlok from the Debattierclub. In a parliamentary debate students discussed if there should be compulsory visits to cultural events – and getting credits for it. ‘What’s in it sending a biologist to Brecht’, Katharina Röhm asked and was applauded.”

The Debattierclub and their show debate are also mentioned in the local news section of Wollbeck.

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