WUDC 2011: First day. The debaters have arrived!

Datum: Dec 28th, 2010
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No water, no bread! A team from Serbia who wanted to immigrate fromSouth Africa to Botswana was – despite valid visas – defeated late last night by African bureaucracy, as Manos Moschopolous from Greece reported to Achte Minute. No drinks and food available at first for the Serbs around Milan Vignjevic, ESL quarterfinalist at the previous Worlds and co-convenor of the Belgrade Open 2011. Meanwhile, the OrgComm of Botswana Worlds talked to the Serbs, made food and drinks available and will help with all obstacles on early Tuesday morning, Manos released.

Isabelle Loewe, Jens Henning Fischer and Henrik Maedler faced similar obstacles when driving from Johannesburg to Gaborone. Henrik describes them as adventurous for spoilt EU citizens: “Anyone in for an adventure is advised to take a border-crossing from ZA into BW by road. The bureaucracy. The facilities. Oh, wait, maybe this whole EU citizenship thing makes for a somewhat spoiled existence …” How much happier he was about the summerly temperatures, cool beer on arrival and the friendliness of people in Botsuana.

On his Global Debate Blog, Alfred Snider gives a detailed report on difficulties with the schedule, Chinese padlocks, belated arrivals of various debaters and mosquito bites. Most of these problems seem to be solved meanwhile except for the schedule: Mysteriously, 31 December seems to be missing! This is not only the last day of this year, but also the day of the last three of nine prelims.

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