Streitkultur-Cup 2011: The final break

Datum: Dec 10th, 2011
Category: Themen, Turniere

The break of Streitkultur-Cup is here: The first team to break in Tübingen is Heidelberg Debating A (Sven Hirschfeld, Daniel Sommer, Franzi Kriegelstein), the second is Streitkultur Pheme (Peter Croonenbroeck, Anne Suffel, Jonathan Spanos). Free speakers breaking: Philipp Stiel, Lukas Windhager and Dominic Hildebrand.

The top-of-the-tab team Xavers Zamperl from Munich (Franziska Schuster-Städter, Almut Graebsch, Jan-Felix Schneider)were not eligible to break since the broke something else: the pro-am rule. The fresher in the team must not have started debating before September 2011.

Read more on this in the German version of this article.

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  1. Iris Schwab says:

    Was wohl Hölderlin davon gehalten hätte …

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