“Super, super cool!” / Interview with Tobias Kube

Datum: Oct 7th, 2012
Category: Menschen

Tobias Kube was awarded for being the most promising debater new on the German language deating circuit at the German Language Debating Championship in Vienna in June this year. Deutsche Debattiergesellschaft, the alumni debating society of Germany, grants this award every year to one of the up-and-coming debaters. Read here the interview of a first year who will soon be debating with and against old stagers at the Masters’ Cup in Eisenach. Read the complete interview in German.

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4 Kommentare zu ““Super, super cool!” / Interview with Tobias Kube”

  1. Manuel A. says:

    Das Nagel-Bild klingt nach Dittmann/Umscheid.

  2. MR Tobias says:

    …ist aber von de Causmaecker!

  3. Manuel A. says:

    Ah, 20 Semester Byzantinische Kunstgeschichte doch zu was gut.

  4. Umscheid says:

    Dittmann&Umscheid schlagen nur lange und ausdauernd auf Nägel ein, die eh schon jeder gesehen hat. Das aber “unterhaltsam.”

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