Tübingen wins Tilbury House Cologne Open

Datum: Jun 14th, 2019
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The winners: Samuel Scheuer and Marius Hobbhahn – © Tilbury House

In the Grand Final of the Tilbury House Cologne Open 2019, Marius Hobbhahn and Samuel Scheuer of the Streitkultur Tübingen were able to take the tournament win as team Colognialism – Appropriating your points in Opening Opposition on the motion “THO artwork that humanizes pro-regime germans during the Second World War”. They defeated Opening Government Be my Whip (Lisa Knodt, Lion Seiffert; Maastricht), Closing Government The DDG was wrong (Luise Häder, Anton Leicht; Heidelberg/Münster) and Closing Opposition BDU Breaking Down (Lena Kolle, Elena Müller; Berlin). The final was judged by Helena Hecke (c), Samantha Pashollari, Ruben Dillmann, Aishling Kinsella and Abigail Leblanc.

One half of the winning pro-am team: Dino Wildi – © Tilbury House

The pro-am final was won by The road to Athens begins here (Illinca Berinde, Dino Wildi; Maastricht) out of Opening Government on the motion “THR the modern high prioriszation of sexual compatibility in romantic relationships”. They triumphed over the Opening Opposition Redericebreaker (René Geci, Erik Frehse; Heidelberg), Closing Government Trivium (sliding into your) DM(‘s) (Mara Burgstede, Daan Spackler; Nijmegen) and Closing Opposition Humbug Heidelberg (Konstantin Krüger, Wiona Glänzer; Heidelberg). The pro-am-final was judged by Angélique Herrler (c), Jan-Gunther GosselkeMaria Heitmeier, Katharina Jansen and Abigail Leblanc.

Best speaker of the tournament was Marius Hobbhahn with an average of 78.8 speaker points. In the novice category, Illinca Berinde and Lion Seiffert shared the top spot with 76.4 speaks on average.

After five inrounds, the following teams reached the open final:

  1. BDU Breaking Down (Kolle, Müller) – 12 Pkt. / 781 Spk
  2. Colognialism (Hobbhahn, Scheuer) – 12 Pkt. / 787 Spk
  3. The DDG was wrong (Häder, Leicht) – 11 Pkt. / 768 Spk
  4. Be my Whip (Knodt, Seiffert) – 10 Pkt. / 771 Spk

Pro-am team break:

  1. The DDG was wrong (Häder, Leicht) – 11 Pkt. / 768 Spk (open break)
  2. P
  3. Humbug Heidelberg (Glänzer, Krüger) – 10 Pkt. / 747 Spk
  4. The road to Athens begins here (Wildi, Berinde) – 9 Pkt. / 767 Spk
  5. Trivium (sliding into your) DM (‘s) (Burgstede, Spackler) – 9 Pkt. / 761 Spk
  6. Redereicebreaker (Frehse, Geci) – 7 Pkt. / 730 Spk

The tournament was convened by the Tilbury House Debating Society with Helena Hecke acting as main convenor. The CA panel consisted of Aishling Kinsella, Katharina Jansen, Abigail Leblanc and Noam Dahan (not present due to personal reasons). Ida Holschbach and Priska Seeling were in charge of the tab while Angélique Herrler was responsible for the tournament’s equity.


R1: THS the use of extra-legal and illegal methods to provide wider access to knowledge (e.g. sci-hub, hacking Jstor, unauthorised distribution of files and copies)

R2: In places where conscription of men already exists, THBT the feminist movement should advocate for conscription of women

R3: THW ban private ownership of 3D printers

R4: Infoslide: There are organisations operating in strictly religious communities, which encourage and facilitate marriages between gay men and lesbian women from within those communities. This is for the purpose of establishing a joint household and co-parenting.

THS such organisations

R5: THW elect 51% of parliament by lottery

Pro-Am-F: THR the modern high priorisation of sexual compatibility in romantic relationships.

F: THO artwork that humanizes pro-regime germans during the Second World War


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