Cambridge wins Trinity Open 2020 Online

Datum: Jun 11th, 2020
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The Grand Final of the Trinity Open 2020 Online was won by Cambridge Cromwell’s Men are Here Again (Matt Hazell, Alasdair Donovan) in Opening Opposition. Debating against them were BDU The prancing ponies (Josef Moscovici, Calyxx Peucker) in Opening Government; Open Break the tab not the quarantine (Hadar Goldberg,  Nadav barak) in Closing Government; and Open [KDA] Thanks Jacklin 😀 (Milla Huuskonen, Ron Leizrowice) in Closing Opposition. The motion read “This House Supports rioting as a means of fighting for social justice in the U.S.” The debate was judged by Marta Vasic as chair together with Katharina Jansen, Nicole O’Sullivan, Lovro Šprem and Klaudia Maciejewska.

The Pro-Am Final saw St Andrews SB (Alastair Bowyer, William Smith) taking the victory in Opening Government. They spoke against Oxford Fluorescent Adolescents (Adam Thompson, Peter Wu) in Opening Opposition, Carleton BG (Sarah Zaitlin, Anthony Galipeau) in Closing Government, and UCD LawSoc ACC (Alysia Cloake, Caoilainn Carey) in Closing Opposition. The debate on the motion “This House Would violate the ceasefire and kill the leaders” was chaired by Marta Vasic with a panel of Mateusz Wojtowicz, Matthew Fricker, Olga Enikeeva, and Seyoung Jeon.

Open Break:
1. Cambridge Cromwell’s Men Are Here Again (Matt Hazell, Alasdair Donovan) – 14 points
2. Open [KDA] Thanks Jacklin 😀 (Milla Huuskonen, Ron Leizrowice) – 12 points
3. BDU Prancing Ponies (Calyxx Peucker, Josef Moscovici) – 12 points
4. Edinburgh A (Sara Brdnik, Jamie Beverstock) – 12 points
5. Edinburgh, Guess Which One of Us is on Ket (Jason Woods, Nathaniel Clifton) – 11 points
6. BDU Berlin A (Marc-André Schulz, Braedon Lehman) – 11 points
7. Open Pirates (Naomi Panovka, Reana Yan) – 10 points
8. Open TBD (Ivan velentey, Joshua Kemp) – 10 points
9. Edinburgh Bloods (Georgia Bentley, Adam Mallis) – 10 points
10. TCDHIST Reverse the polarity of neutron flow (Jack Synnott, Caoimhin Hamill) – 10 points
11. Warwick A (Lucie Slamova, Rafael Shimabukuro) – 10 points
12. Open Break the tab not the quarantine (Nadav Barak, Hadar Goldberg) – 9 points
13. Open Don’t Tell Dan Lahav (Franka Boender, Gil Peled) – 9 points
14. Open Taking Debate Seriously (Emma Buckland, Brynde Kreft) – 9 points
15. Open Tao Y & E (Eyal Horowitz, Yarin Samuel) – 9 points
16. NU A (Alisher Juzgenbayev, Mukhtar Tashkenbayev) – 9 points

Pro Am Break:
1. Oxford Fluorescent Adolescents (Adam Thompson, Peter Wu) – 8 team points
2. UCD LawSoc ACC  (Alysia Cloake, Caoilainn Carey) – 8 team points
3. St Andrews SB (Alastair Bowyer, William Smith) – 7 team points
4. Carleton BG (Sarah Zaitlin, Anthony Galipeau) – 6 team points

Breaking Judges:
Marta Vasic, Monica Forman, Gwylim Taylor, Lovro Šprem, Klaudia Maciejewska, Brynley Hamer, Lucy Murphy, Fabian Beitsma, Katharina Jansen, Nicole O’Sullivan, Dafna Haran, Milos Marjanovic, Matthew Fricker, Olga Enikeeva, Ife Grillo, Doireann Obrian, Lena Kolle, Maciej Lulewicz, Dani Georgiev, Olja Bosnjak, Josh Freeman, and Seyoung Jeon.

Open Speaker Awards:
1. Matt Hazell, avg 83.4 spks
2. Alasdair Donovan, avg 82.6 spks
3. Ron Leizrowice, avg 82.2 spks
4. Milla Huuskonen, avg 82 spks
5. Josef Moscovici, avg 80.4 spks
6. Naomi Panovka, avg 80 spks
6. Joshua Kemp, avg 80 spks
6. Hadar Goldberg, avg 80 spks
9. Sara Brdnik, avg 79.6 spks
9. Braedon Lehman, avg 79.6 spks

ESL Speaker Awards:
1. Milla Huuskonen, 82 avg spks
2. Josef Moscovici, 80.4 avg spks
3. Hadar Goldberg, 80 avg spks
4. Sara Brdnik, 79.6 avg spks
5. Calyxx Peucker, 79.4 avg spks

Novice Speaker Awards:
1. Naomi Panovka, 80 avg spks
2. Reana Yan, 78.6 avg spks
3. Adam Mallis, 78.4 avg spks
4. Sarah Zaitlin, 76.4 avg spks
5. Alastair Bowyer, 76.2 avg spks

The 52-teams-tournament, convened by Jack Williams and Matthew Morgan, featured five in-rounds with a break to quarterfinals as well as an Pro-Am final. There was not an ESL final held due to the proportion of ESL team representation in the Open break. Rounds were coordinated through Discord and the debating platform used was Zoom. The CA team was comprised of Lovro Sprem, Milos Marjanovic, Lucy Murphy, and Monica Forman while the tab team was led by Alice Breen.


R1: This House Would allow the use of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports

R2: This House Believes That minorities should not attempt to reclaim slurs that have been directed against them

R3: This House Believes That Ireland should significantly raise its corporate tax

R4: This House Opposes the Rise of Non-Career Politicians

R5: This House Believes That universities should continue with primarily online education post COVID-19

QF: This House Believes That Joe Biden should pick Elizabeth Warren as his Vice President running mate.

SF: Infoslide: Twitch is the most popular live streaming gaming platform globally. Popular streamers earn money by sponsorship, subscriptions, donations and advertisements. Twitch banned sexually suggestive content (e.g. the way the streamer is allowed to dress, behave, the use of language etc.) by streamers on their platform.

This House Opposes Twitch’s decision to ban sexually suggestive content on their platform

Pro Am FInfoslide: You are a Western Liberal democracy in a four-year long brutal and bloody war of attrition against an imperialistic dictatorship. Every Christmas, there is a football match between the two sides and a ceasefire. Attending the match are high ranking political and military persons of both sides.

This House Would violate the ceasefire and kill the leaders

Open F: This House Supports rioting as a means of fighting for social justice in the U.S.

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