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Thunder in paradise – the central German masters

We're sorry: This article is not available in English. Please read the German version of this to learn the details about the regional championships, this on in Jena.
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Heidelberg, Berlin and Mainz are Regional Champions 2012

We proudly present the winners of this year’s German regionals: Heidelberg won the Southern German regional. Berlin won the Northern German regional. Mainz won the Middle German regional. Congrats to everyone! In the South, Wiebke Nadler und Till Kroeger from Debating Club Heidelberg defeated Teams from Munich an Vienna. Jakob Reiter (Debattierklub Wien) was awarded most popular speaker of the final; Sven Hirschfeld (Heidelberg) and Konrad Gütschow (Tübingen) topped the tab. In the North, Georg Sommerfeld and Johannes Häger from BDU Berlin defeated Teams from Potsdam and other Teams from Berlin. Jonas Werner was awarded best speaker of the final. In the Middle, Andrea Gau and Daniil ...
Apr 22nd, 2012 | By | Category: Themen, Turniere, VDCH | Comments Off on Heidelberg, Berlin and Mainz are Regional Champions 2012

Bluff: Mainz is not a carnival club!

Robert Epple aus Frankfurt überzeugte als Freier Redner im Finale Jury wie Publikum - zurecht bester Redner! (Foto: Max Fritz) Please read the very, very entertaining report that Sven Hirschfeld has written for Achte Minute on the Gutenberg Cup, the expertise on carnival in Mainz and an obviously superb tournament. Please got the German version to do so. Pleeeeease!
Nov 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Themen, Turniere | mit 2 Kommentaren

FDL: Round 1

FDL: Round 1The Gutenberg-Cup was the first round of the Freie Debattierliga, or free debating league (FDL). According to the rules of the FDL (in German only), the preliminary results are the following: Institutions: Mainz Freiburg Heidelberg (Debating) Frankfurt Marburg Speakers Victoria Reuter Zsolt Szilagyi Jan Papsch Robert Epple Michael Powala, Johannes Samlenski, Thore Wojke The Freie Debattierliga, or free debating league (FDL) is a loose association of debating societies staging local tournaments in German speaking Central Europe. It encompasses the year-round competition between both deb socs and speakers. This season is the second season after the founding during the course of the general assembly of the Association of Debating Societies at Universities (VDCH) in ...
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Gutenberg-Cup: The final break

The final break at the Gutenberg Cup in Mainz: Mainz (prop) vs. Freiburg (opp), Free Speakers are Robert Epple (Frankfurt), Michael Powala (Mannheim) and Victoria Reuter (Heidelberg). On the panel are CAs Sarah Kempf and Torsten Rössing, by their sides Marion Seiche (president), Pauline Leopold (chair), Ruben Brandhofer, Sven Hirschfeld and Daniel Jurjew. The final motion: God is a woman.
Nov 13th, 2011 | By | Category: Themen, Turniere | Comments Off on Gutenberg-Cup: The final break

New executive board in Frankfurt

The new executive board of the Debating Society in Frankfurt is composed of Robert Epple and as Vice-Presidents Frank Schneider and Marion Seiche.
Jul 25th, 2011 | By | Category: News of debating clubs | Comments Off on New executive board in Frankfurt

Münster gewinnt Berliner Punkturnier 2011 / Alle Themen im Überblick

Johanna Mai and Julian Schneider of Debattierclub Münster won Berlin Punk 2010. They faced in the final teams from Frankfurt, Münster and Magdeburg. Motions: Round 1: Dieses Haus würde eine Abstimmpflicht bei Volksentscheiden einführen. Round 2: Dieses Haus würde Organspenden nur noch an Menschen vergeben, die sich ebenfalls zu einer Organspende bereit erklärt haben. Round 3: Dieses Haus würde Briefe, Tagebücher und unveröffentlichte Manuskripte posthum nicht ohne die Einwilligung des/r SchriftstellerIn veröffentlichen. Round 4: Dieses Haus würde Menschen, die unter Alkoholkonsum ein Gewaltverbrechen begangen haben, den Alkoholkonsum verbieten. Round 5: Dieses Haus würde Einrichtungen verbieten, die eine Heilung von Homosexualität versprechen. Semis: Dieses Haus würde es Staaten verbieten, bei der Verteilung von Entwicklungshilfe ihre ehemaligen Kolonien zu bevorzugen. Final: Dieses Haus würde Menschen auch ...
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