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Datum: 25. Juni 2013
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Logo WUDC Chennai 2014The Org Com of Chennai Worlds released informations about the application process for those who would like to participate in Worlds as a adjudicator. This includes Individuals applying to be ‘Independent Adjudicators’ (i.e. an adjudicator unaffiliated with any institution) or Representatives from institutions that have requested one or more adjudicator spots in excess of the ‘N-1’ requirement.

 Independent Adjudicators

Independent adjudicators are those that wish to judge at Worlds but are not officially part of an institution’s WUDC contingent. Independent adjudicators can either be self funded or can apply for a subsidy from Chennai Worlds. Applicants need to fill out the following form and answer several questions.

Chennai Worlds is granting full registration waivers and at least partial travels funding to up to 80 judges (excluding the adjudication team). On 24 June (today), application forms will be released. Application forms will be available on our website, Facebook group and sent to all major mailing lists.  The deadline for applications is 10 am GMT, 22 July. Decisions will be communicated to applicants by 2 September. All unsuccessful applications will be carried over to a second round. On 30 September, we will open a second round of applications for a final 10 subsided slots. The deadline for applications is 7 October, with results communicated to applicants by 14 October. In the first round (starting on 24 June), the Org Com will be allocating 70 subsided slots and all non-subsided independent slots.

Institutional Adjudicators

The Org Com will contact all institutions (including those on the waiting list) that have expressed an interest in sending judges beyond the ‘N-1’ requirement.  They will be asked to fill out a short form about the judges they would like to send. If an institution does not receive an email by the end of tomorrow, and you represent an institution that has requested a non N-1 judging slot, please contact us. The deadline for submitting details in response to this form is 10am GMT, 5 July 2013. We will allocate extra judges by 15 July. This is the same date that we will be releasing the second round of team allocations (following the first payment deadline). The form asks for the prospective adjudicators‘ names, their experience judging and competing in British Parliamentary debate, and significant debating achievements. Decisions about how many adjudication spots institutions receive will be made by the Chief Adjudicators, with the input of the Deputy Chief Adjudicators and Assistant Chief Adjudicators as required.

If you have any question you can contact the CAs Michael Baer (michael [dot] baer [at] chennaiworlds [dot] com) and Harish Natarajan (harish [dot] natarajan [at] chennaiworlds [dot] com).


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