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Datum: 2. September 2013
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Zagreb EUDCThe Europen Universities Debating Championship 2014 will take place from 18th – 24th August 2014 in the capital of Croatia Zagreb. The championsships will be organised by joint efforts of the Zagreb Deebating Union, Open Communication and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
Nika Jelaska, Prospective Convener of Zagreb EUDC 2014, said: „Zagreb’s EUDC bid was motivated by a desire to bring debating back to the Balkans. Debating is an important and integral activity – it plays a role in how we engage, communicate and persuade. While in some societies debating is recognized and valued as an activity that should be invested in, in others it still lacks the institutional, financial and societal support. “

Zagreb EUDC is setting a team cap of 220 teams. Institutions will be required to send N-1 judges (1 judge for every 2 teams).

Adjudication Team

Rebecca Meredith

Rebecca Meredith – Chief Adjudicator

Rebecca was the 3rd best speaker and semi-finalist at EUDC 2012, 4th on team tab at WUDC 2013 and the winner of Trinity College Dublin IV. She has also been in the finals of numerous competitions, including the LSE Open. Rebecca has also been in the adjudication teams at the 2012 Cambridge University IV, the SOAS Open, the UCL Open and the Cambridge Schools Competition.

Milan Vignjevi

Milan Vignjevic – Chief Adjudicator

Milan is one of the most distinguished debaters in the Balkans. During the past years he has repeatedly broken to quarters and semi-finals in WUDC and EUDC, he won the London Australs and was a finalist at Oxford IV. His adjudicating record includes breaking as a judge in Berlin WUDC 2012, judging finals in Cambridge IV and LSE Open, among many others, as well as being part of the adjudicating core in several european competitions, including Belgrade Open, Paris Centrale, Athens Open, Paris Sciences Po, Patras Open.



Guests will be accommodated in the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton Zagreb, a Four Star hotel with beautiful views of the city and double sized rooms. The hotel is furnished with air-conditioning and high speed Internet access in all guest rooms and public areas.

The hotel is less than five minutes walk by foot to the location of the first 9 rounds of the tournament.

Debating: In-Rounds

The first 9 rounds of the tournament will be held at The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences on the campus of Zagreb University, less than 5 minutes walk from the hotel by foot.

Debating Out-Rounds

The Quarter Finals will be held in the old city hall of Zagreb. The building originally dates from the 15th century, and is now made up of 3 adjoining meeting halls, which were joined in the 19th century. The old city hall continues to host Zagreb city assembly meetings, and boasts large auditoriums for the debates to take place in a historic setting.

Semi-Finals will be held at the Croatian National Parliament in Zagreb, which is across the road from the old town hall – location for the quarter finals. The parliament boasts grand architecture with large auditoriums.

The Grand Finals will be held at the Croatian National Theatre. The theatre is a baroque masterpiece dating from 1895, and was unveiled at its opening by the Austro Hungarian Emperor Franz-Joseph I. It shows theatrical productions, opera and ballet. Housing 900 people, the main theatre is a stunning setting for our Grand Final. The rich décor and excellent hospitality will make a magical and memorable setting fitting for the close of the tournament.

For more information you can visit the Facebook page for EUDC 2014 or


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