At the third night of EUDC

Datum: 3. August 2009
Kategorie: Turniere

As I have a „condition“ with my foot and am forced to stay in the accommodation, I’ll comment a bit on EUDC so far.

We completed the preliminary rounds today and got through them comfortably without any serious delay. I personally liked the motions very much. There was no specialist knowledge of any sort required and if motions were ambiguous, there were clear instructions in advance (though some debaters chose to ignore them). So clearly the CAs did a good job there.
What I must admit though is that some motions were a bit heavy on the opposition side. As an example, I would not have known what to do, if I had been on Gov. side in the 4th round. Why would the gay rights movement oppose gay marriage? Isn’t that the whole point of this movement? It didn’t surprise me that I met an opening gov. in this round that tried to weasel out of the case by opening a debate about religion. Lots of discussion there…

The EUDC organization team is trying very hard by the way to make everything all right for us. Although some things went wrong here and organization sometimes revealed some clear signs of mismanagement, people are extremely friendly and helpful. They apologize a lot for any inconvenience and ask for lots of feedback. They are really doing a good job in showing us that they are making a big effort and taking us seriously. Thumbs up for that, I feel very welcome here!

The break announcement is taking place tonight, accompanied by karaoke and pub quiz. Anna is there right now and is probaly faster in sending out the results, but so far: To my knowledge there are 2 German teams with 10 points after 6 rounds (Berlin A and Magdeburg). Rumours say that 11 points might be sufficient to get into the ESL break… so I’m anxiously waiting for news as well ;o)

Best regards to all of VDCH-country from Newcastle!

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