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Datum: 25. August 2009
Kategorie: Menschen, Turniere

EUDC 2009 Newcastle: There are now more videos up. There are now videos of an ESL quarter final, an ESL semi final and the ESL final, as well as more videos of the open semi final with Oxford and Tel Aviv A and the open final. You may find them here. (As we already reported the Debattierclub Stuttgart videos can be found here.)

We proudly announce that Assen Kochev (Cologne), Daniel Grotzky (Munich), Dirk Harlacher (Cologne), Isabelle Loewe (Bonn) and Jens Fischer (Berlin) have been accepted as independent adjudicators at WUDC. Some clarifications about cap extension and the list of all independent adjudicators you may find at World Debating. The actual registration status is recorded at Global Debate. All VDCH-societies on waiting list are now accepted, although a few of them may pay a higher participation rate.

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