Europameister 2010: King’s Inn Dublin and Ljubljana

Datum: 17. Juli 2010
Kategorie: Turniere

Die Europameister 2010 sind King’s Inn, Dublin (Eoghan Casey, Patrick Rooney) und Ljubljana (Maja Cimerman, Filip Muki Dobranic). Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

The Debattenthemen waren:

  • ESL: This House believes that even in response to the most serious crimes a just penal system should have no consideration for society’s desire for retribution.
  • Open: This House believes that after a humanitarian intervention has halted human rights abuses the occupation forces should leave if the population clearly establishes this as their wish.

Bester Redner aus VDCH-Land wurde David Lamouroux (Platz 3 im ESL-Tab.)

Ausführliche Informationen in Kürze.

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8 Kommentare zu “Europameister 2010: King’s Inn Dublin and Ljubljana”

  1. kresimir sagt:

    No Eudc ESL finals video?

  2. Gudrun Lux sagt:

    There should be one, obviously there is none. I’ll try to find out and informe you.

  3. here’s the Video:

    And congrats to Gudrun for updating the debating world – worldwide.

  4. kresimir sagt:

    ESL ????

  5. sorry, I have no ESL but Mite Kuzevski taped it and share it asap

  6. John sagt:

    Is the complete tab on the internets anywhere?x

  7. kresimir sagt:

    No tabs! Yet!??

  8. Gudrun Lux sagt:

    I now scanned and uploaded the tab.
    Find it here: (Team Tab) (Speaker Tab)
    It’s not the best scan but it works. I have to go to bed now… Thanks everybody for reading Achte Minute. More articles on EUDC to follow soon. Good night everybody!

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