Zagreb EUDC 2014: Bewerbt euch jetzt als Chefjuror!

Datum: 2. September 2013
Kategorie: International, Turniere

Zagreb EUDCWie Nika Jelaska, Cheforganisator der Europameisterschaft 2014 in Zagreb, bekannt gegeben hat, ist die Bewerbungsphase für einen Posten als Chefjuror eröffnet. Das Bewerbungsformular kann hier heruntergeladen werden. Über das Anforderungsprofil und den Bewerbungsprozess heißt es:

Selection Criteria:

Zagreb EUDC plans to appoint five Deputy Chief Adjudicators. The Org Comm says, that they have a strong preference for a geographically diverse adjudication team, with DCA’s that come from all over the continent. The team will ideally have members from developed and developing circuits, as well as a mix of those with extensive adjudication experience and those with less experience on adjudication teams.

They are looking for candidates that have experience, perspectives and abilities that complement the current team. They are looking for candidates who have (in no particular order):

  1.  Organizational ability – DCAs should have the ability to help with the running of the competitions and the ability to work well as part of a team
  2. Motion-setting ability – DCAs should be able to set interesting and fair motions and should have the ability to critique motions (including their own)
  3. Strong Adjudicators – DCAs should be good adjudicators, able to make correct decisions and provide high-quality feedback to participants.
  4.  Knowledge of their regional and European debating circuit – DCAs should be approachable and have a broad, deep and current knowledge of their debating circuit. DCAs should also have experience and insight on international debating.


The applications will stay opened for 2 weeks (they close on September the 15th and should be sent to adjudication [dot] eudc [dot] zagreb [at] gmail [dot] com

After the applications close, the Chief Adjudicators Rebecca Meredith and Milan Vigjnevic will be requesting feedback from the debating community till the end of September and announcing the results in the beginning of October (the specific dates for both the feedback – period ending and results announcement depend on the reaction from the community, so while there are some dates on this, they aren’t necessarily fixed.
If you need more info on the DCA application process, please feel free to ask me for it (or contact Rebecca and Milan on the adjudication [dot] eudc [dot] zagreb [at] gmail [dot] com address)

For more information you can visit the Facebook page for EUDC 2014 or


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