Anmeldeinformationen zur EUDC 2014 veröffentlicht

Datum: 17. Januar 2014
Kategorie: International, Turniere

Die Veranstalter der Europameisterschaft 2014 in Zagreb haben vor einigen Tagen auf ihrer Turnierwebseite Informationen zur Anmeldung bekanntgegeben. Dort heißt es:

„Dear European Debating Community,

Registration for all institutions that wish to participate in Zagreb EUDC 2014 will open on Sunday, March the 2nd, at 12:00 CET (Central European time). That is 11:00 London/Dublin/Lisbon, 12:00Belgrade/Paris/Amsterdam/Berlin, 13:00 Athens/Ankara/Tallinn and 14:00Moscow/Doha time.

Registration policy

Registration will stay opened for 24 hours. Every institution will be able to register a maximum of 3 teams. We will be following the registration policy set up by Manchester EUDC and similar to one used at WUDC. All registered institutions are ranked on the basis of the average number of teams they have had in all EUDC breaks (Open and ESL brakes rank equally) in the past 3 years. Institutions with the same average number of brakes will be ranked randomly within their respective bracket. If an institution has hosted EUDC in the past three years we will disregard that year when determining the rank and use results from four years ago instead.

As for the rest of the registration process, all successfully registered institutions will have to pay a non-refundable deposit of €80 per participant by March 31st. Full payment of the resulting balance is due by the 1st successfully registered institutions to provide us with their final delegate details by May 25.

Team allocations

Here is a link to the ranking we will be using:

WE URGE YOU TO CHECK THE LIST AND E-MAIL US at zagreb [dot] eudc [dot] register [at] gmail [dot] com or comment on this note if you find any discrepancies or mistakes.

1st team allocations:

Every institution that registered will be granted a 1st team. In the unlikely scenario that we have more institutions than team slots, we will start right away with using the institutional rankings list as a basis for the order in which the first team will be granted.

2nd and 3rd team allocations:

After every institution has been granted a team, we will proceed to grant a second team to all institutions that have requested more than one team and have an average brake score of 1 or higher based on their rankings. After all institutions with an average of 1 or more brakes have been granted another team, we will proceed to grant additional teams starting from the highest-ranked institution and continuing down the list until the team cap is reached.

If by the end of this process there are any outstanding team requests, we will form a waiting list for the remaining teams and allocated slots using the same rankings.

Team cap and n-1

We will maintain our team cap of 220, and registration will be done on an n-1 basis (so institutions will be able to register 1 team and 0 judges, 2 teams and 1 judge or 3 teams and 2 judges). If you wish to send more than n-1 judges, you will be able to request more.

Information requested

During the first phase of registration we will be asking you for your institution name, country, delegate representative name, contact e-mail and number of teams and judges that you are registering.

Independent adjudicators

The registration process for independent adjudicators will open on March the 16th and close on March the 30th. Further details about this process, including information on how to apply for adjudicator subsidies, will be released separately.

We will release more information on the registration by the end of February. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact us at our FB page or the registration e-mail: zagreb [dot] eudc [dot] register [at] gmail [dot] com.

All the best,

Zagreb EUDC 2014 Registration Team“


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