Judging Seminar in Magdeburg

Datum: 13. November 2014
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The Debattierclub Magdeburg announced to host the first English judging seminar in Magdeburg. On Saturday, November 22, the participants will have one day of workshops and training. It will focus on how to arrive at a just call with the panel and how to justify it before the speakers.

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The workshop will be held by Rebecca Irvine and is aimed at debaters with little judging experience (knowledge of the rules of the British Parliamentary Style is assumed, but not much active judging experience is required). Felicia Hoer wrote that there are ten spots for members from other societies. If necessary, the Magdeburgers can provide crash accommodation.

Information in a nutshell:

  • What? Judging seminar in BPS in English for beginners
  • When? Nov 22, 2014
  • Where? Magdeburg (crash can be provided if necessary)
  • Trainer: Rebecca Irvine
  • Registration fee: none
  • Deadline for registration: November 16, 2014

Any questions and registrations can be directed to f [dot] hoer [at] dc-md [dot] de.


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