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EUDC 2016: Die Ergebnisse

EUDC 2016: Die ErgebnisseDie EUDC 2016 in Warschau ist vorüber und die Ergebnisse stehen fest: ESL-Finale EPL-Finale VDCH-Teams & -Juroren ESL-Finale [caption id="attachment_29710" align="alignright" width="344"] Blick auf Warschau - © Lennart Lokstein[/caption] Sieger des ESL-Finales ist das Team Tel Aviv A (Dan Lahav, Ayal Hayut-man) aus der Schließenden Regierung gegen die Teams Tel Aviv C (Tom Manor, Noam Dahan) in der Eröffnenden Regierung, Leiden D (Lisa Schallenberg, Simon Martina-Perez) in der Eröffnenden Opposition und Leiden A (Floris Holstege, Emma Lucas) in der Schließenden Opposition. Thema dieses Finales war "This house believes that western states should support breakaway regions in former Sovjet states (e.g. East Ukraine l South Ossetia) joining the Russian federation ...
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WUDC 2015: And the winners are…

WUDC 2015: And the winners are...The World Universities Debating Championship 2015 in Malaysia has its champions:And the winners are...The Open CategorySydney A (Edward Miller, Nick Chung) won the final in the Open Category. They debated the motion "This House believes that humanitarian organisations should, and should be allowed to, give funding, resources or services to illegal armed groups when this is made a condition for access to vulnerable civilians." and won against Oxford A (Patrick Bateman, Natasha Rachman) in Opening Government, BPP A  (Steven Rajavinothan, Michael O'Dwyer) in Opening Opposition and Harvard A (Bo Seo, Fanelesibonge Mashwama) in Closing Opposition. The final was adjudicated by Shafiq Bazari (chair), Dominic ...
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SSE Riga IV 2014

It is one of the oldest tournaments in Europe: This December, for the 16th time, the SSE Riga IV will take place. Latvia’s capital is European Capital of Culture in 2014.  The British Parliamentary Style-tournament will have five preliminary rounds and a break to quarterfinals as well as a novice final. On Saturday night, a spiritual debate will take place. Steven Ramesh Rajavinothan and Gediminas Užkuraitis are Chief Adjudicators. Both the Tabmaster and the Equity Officer are yet to be announced. Up to 72 teams can participate in the tournament. For more information, see the facebook event. Ruta Gabalina is the ...
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Skopje Open

Skopje OpenIt is the first international debating tournament in British Parliamentary Style (BPS) in Macedonia: Skopje Open will take place on the weekend of November 7-9, 2014. Up to 32 teams can register now. The tournament costs €50 per participant, including accommodation in a hotel and three meals per day, organiser Milka Gerovska says. For people arriving early because they directly come from Thessaloniki Open on the preceding weekend, the organisers will provide with crash accommodation or a cheap hostel. The convener of the tournament is the Youth Educational Forum (YEF), an NGO that has organized many debate competitions before, more than ...
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EUDC 2014 – Winners and Top Speakers

EUDC 2014 – Winners and Top SpeakersThe European Universities Debate Champions 2014 have been announced. In the category English as a Second Language, Stefan Siridzanski and Helena Ivanov from Belgrade B in Opening Opposition won the debate with the motion „This house would, assuming it was technically feasible, remove the ability of soldiers to feel fear.” In the Open final, Adam Hawksbee and Matthew Willmore from Sheffield A in Closing Opposition were able to beat their competitors in a debate with the motion „This house believes that the feminist movement should oppose military interventions that claim to further women's rights.” [caption id="attachment_24372" align="alignright" width="240"] Venue of the Open and ESL ...
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Durham Open 2014

Durham Open 2014From June 21st to June 22nd the Durham Debating Society will host the Durham Open 2014. The tournament in the North of England features 5 rounds with 7 minute speeches, semi-finals and a finals. As a special feature, all motions debated will be open motions. The policy on motions will soon be announced. Chief adjudicators (CAs) will be Rosie Unwin, finals judge at the European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) and CA of, amongst others, the Oxford Women's tournament, and Steven Rajavinothan, breaking speaker at the World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) and the EUDC and finals judge of many tournaments, Sam Block, ...
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Estonian Open 2014

Estonian Open 2014From the 11th to the 13th of April the Estonian Open 2014, one of the largest tournaments in the region, will take place in the beautiful city of Tallinn. The Estonian capital has also been the battleground of the European Universities Debating Championships 2008. The tournament, hosted by Rasmus Raag and Selene Gnadenteich, will have 5 preliminary rounds with 5 minute speeches, open semis and final with 7 minute speeches each. For all novice debaters, that is to say for those who have not been debating British Parliamentary Style for over a year, there is a special novice final. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="389"] ...
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