EUDC – First report

Datum: 1. August 2009
Kategorie: Turniere

Due to minor computer issues – no connection to WIFI and screwed up cluster computers just writing in some random Asian signs – proper coverage of the EUDC from Newcastle will start tomorrow.
After basically administrativ things to tackle today we’ll start tonight with an European Village Social in which every nation is invided to present itself.
Fotos of the social and the EUDC mascot the Debating Lion will follow as soon as my computer works within the network.
Rounds one to four are taking place tomorrow. All motions will be posted as soon as possible depending on WIFI connection on campus.

Stay with us for news, rumors and pictures live from Newcastle!

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  1. dsheidelberg sagt:

    Apparently, Anna isn’t the only one having trouble accessing the internet in Newcastle. I just checked the official Euros website and was surprised to find as “latest news:” 20 June 2008 – Newcastle Win Bid!

    … Bandwidth must be somewhat limited in the UK 😉

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