EUDC: Swin Flu has reached debating

Datum: 10. August 2009
Kategorie: Turniere

Die Organisatoren der Europameisterschaft 2009, die vor wenigen Tagen im englischen Newcastle zu Ende ging, informieren darüber, dass ein Teilnehmer der EUDC an der sogenannten Schweinegrippe erkrankt ist. Wir wurden gebeten, diese Information zu veröffentlichen, um möglichst alle Teilnehmer der Meisterschaft darüber zu informieren. Aber hey: Keine Panik 😉

Hier ist übrigens von einem Erkrankten die Rede, das ist die Info der Orga. Bei Twitter wird mittlerweile von mehreren schweinegrippeerkrankten EUDC-Teilnehmern gezwitschert (im doppelten Sinne: die zwitschern selbst und über sie wird gezwitschert!) und auch Global Debate berichtet hier von mehreren Patienten, darunter Co-Convenors und Tabmaster.

„Hello All,

It has come to our attention that a participant at EUDC Newcastle 09 has returned home, and has since been confirmed as having a case of H1N1 Swine Flue, otherwise known as Mexican Flu.

All though no one during EUDC 09 was confirmed as having Swine Flu, we feel that it would only be responsible for us to notify you all. Which will allow you make a more informed decision if you feel unwell. During the event itself we took a large number of precautions to prevent and contain any illness, such as monitoring all affected people and where needed, asking them to remain in their rooms. All those who were asked to take our advice did so. We would also like to say that everybody who expressed symptoms of illness all showed significant signs of improvement and in the majority of cases became fully well after a 24hr period.

We feel this message is especially important for members of EUDC Council who are more likely to have had prolonged exposure to the affected person.We are aware this message may not reach all EUDC 09 delegates, so we ask that you please spread this message to any EUDC participant who you know has not received this.

We hope you are all well and truly enjoyed our competition.

Thank you all

Steve, Welfare officer and Team Convenor EUDC 09″

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  1. Daniel sagt:

    are we sure it's h1n1 and not some allergy to sitting in council for hours?

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