Inside View: Nordic Debating – The Vikings awake

Datum: 8. Juli 2013
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Not too friendly to argue with each other: Nordic Debaters (c) Peer Klüsendorf

We might hear the sound of Edvard Grieg’s Morning Mood, as debating in the Scandinavian countries slowly awakes. Despite impressive language skills and communication heavy education systems, they had been noticeably absent from the European debate scene, leading many to think that Scandinavians were simply to friendly too argue with each other. But maybe they just needed a spark from some motivated debate societies.

In the first half of 2013, teams from Lund managed to win tournaments in London, Helsinki and Bremen, while Stockholm impeccably hosted their first IV, drawing many strong debaters to the North. The following coverage in local and social media as well as a TEDx talk gained the attention of many newly founded or revived debating clubs in the region, looking for ways to improve their organizations and debate skills. Societies from Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Jönköping and Horsens gathered in Lund in May and besides debate training decided to work on establishing a Nordic Debate Council, also connecting them with the lively debate scenes in Estonia and Finland.

Debating in Scandinavia was and still is fueled by many foreign students carrying love for debating in their backpacks. But local students are becoming increasingly involved and debating has more and more potential to institutionalize itself, like in the recently founded Swedish Debate Council. The many enthusiastic debaters and slim new structures that are quickly emerging make me feel, that university debating will finally establish itself in all Nordic countries. I’m happy if you join us on this journey at one of hopefully many Nordic Debate tournaments in the near future.

Upcoming Nordic Debate Tournaments are the Turku Open from October 25-27th and the Lund IV on December 6-7. During the Lund IV there will also be the foundational meeting of the Nordic Debate Council.

Information on Nordic Debate events are often updated in the Councils Facebook group.

Text: Peer Klüßendorf

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