Nomination process for EUDC Vienna 2015 DCAs started

Datum: 26. Februar 2014
Kategorie: International, Jurieren

The Debattierklub Wien (DK Wien) has opened an online nomination process for Deputy Chief Adjudicators (DCAs) for the European University Debating Championship (EUDC) 2015 in Vienna. From now on, every debater can nominate somebody he deems suitable to be part of the Chief Adjudicator team for the EUDC using this online form.EUDC 2015 Vienna

However, as the Chief Adjudicators Christine Simpson and Michael Shapira emphasise, a nomination neither is necessary nor sufficient to be selected as DCA. The nomination process serves the only purpose of calling attention to apt candidates who do not apply on their own. The actual application process starts on March 11th with the release of an online application form and will be carried out in four steps. These steps include a „non-anonymous yet discreet“ feedback procedure on the list of applicants that again will be open for everyone to contribute. The process ends on May 25th with the announcement of the selected DCAs.

The DK Wien has published a detailed document explaining the full application process and the criteria upon which a selection will be made. This document can be retrieved on the EUDC website. Besides debating and judging experience, the CAs place a clear emphasis on commitment, teamwork skills and work ethic. They also welcome a good sense of humour, requiring candidates to be „willing and have time to participate in a ceremony called ‚Das Ritual‘ or present a doctor’s note barring participation.“

Any questions can be directed to CAs [at] viennaeudc [dot] eu. The CAs note that they have included a three-page-long FAQ in their document on the application process.


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